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Our Student Parliament has continued to go from strength to strength this year. We have worked on a number of projects, including:

  • Celebrating diversity and inclusion at BBEC and beyond by creating assemblies, raising money for key charities such as Micro Rainbow and running our second annual Pride event!

  • Creating a student-led inclusive Sports for You club and Cooking Club which is a fun and supportive environment tailored towards shy and anxious students who may not otherwise put themselves out there for extra-curricular events.

  • Working with the Bradford Citizens project by attending workshops on a range of topics such as mental health, cost of living, anti-racism and sexual harassment.

This year, we plan to change our Student Parliament prefect system slightly by reducing the number to 30-40 prefects who will work together on three common priorities:

  1. Collating and sharing student voice. We will have our own Prefects’ “Surgery” where students will be provided with the opportunity to share their views in guided listening sessions in tutor times. This will then be shared with prefects who will present to SLT and beyond. We will be working alongside Citizens UK to match the priorities of the Bradford Citizens project which gives young people a voice on a variety of issue to create social change in the community.

  2. Volunteer work in the community. We will connect with local charities to volunteer our time and fundraise for local projects such as food banks and breakfast clubs.

  3. Diversity and inclusion. We will continue to work on ensuring all students feel like they belong at BBEC by continuing to celebrate awareness months/days, running an inclusive sports/cooking club and creating student-led assemblies to celebrate diversity and tackle discrimination.

We will conduct student elections for prefects in the third week back and we will hold our third annual Inauguration ceremony at Bradford City Hall on Wednesday 1st November 2023. We will also take our annual trip to London and the Houses of Parliament in Spring term 1 as well as run a rewards trip for prefects in the Summer term.  If you are interested in becoming involved with our prefect system, please see Miss Kaur.

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