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British Values

British Values at BBEC

At BBEC, we are proud to serve our diverse community and we are committed to ensure that the fundamental British Values are upheld throughout the school. Through our school values of Ambition, Resilience, Courtesy and Kindness, we promote and encourage tolerance, mutual respect and individual liberty amongst all school stakeholders. Through our robust structures and systems, we strive to ensure that the rule of law and democracy are upheld and advocated across the school community.

We follow equal opportunities guidance which ensures that we have a zero-tolerance approach to discrimination against any individual, with regards to protected characteristics and beyond. More on this can be found on the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion section of our website.

At BBEC, we aim to develop and nurture these values by:

  • Planning a vibrant, engaging assembly programme with core ethical values and beliefs at its heart

  • A well-structured Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship education programme which addresses all of the requirement of the programmes of study (looking at Democracy, Freedom, the rule of law, Human Rights and responsibilities)

  • A strong Religious Education programme at each Key Stage. Our students are taught to understand that all citizens have the freedom to choose and hold faith and beliefs and that this right is protected in law.

  • A broad and balanced curriculum which addresses many of these core values across a range of subject areas.

  • Having a clearly communicated and consistently applied Positive Attitude to Learning Policy so that students understand what is expected of them and the consequences of both meeting and failing to meet these expectations.

  • A Code of Conduct which is regularly communicated and referred to with students, reiterating that we are a school community built on mutual respect and understanding.

  • Adopting restorative approaches, where possible, to resolve any difficulties between members of our school community.

  • Having a rigorous commitment to student safety (for example: trips and visits policy and procedures, Safeguarding procedures, Code of Conduct and Health and Safety procedures.)

  • Celebration of the diverse nature of our school community throughout the curriculum

  • Celebrating achievement beyond the classroom (in areas such as The Arts and Sport.)


In summary, our aim is to develop well rounded, educated and reflective students who can confidently move forward beyond school and find their place in the world.

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The 5 British Values are:


At BBEC, we consistently reinforce the value of democracy throughout our school. We have annual student elections for our Student Parliament a group of prefects democratically elected to represent their peers. This parallels the teaching of democratic systems in the UK and beyond within our Citizenship curriculum, taught as part of our Values in Practice lessons. Furthermore, all students are regularly invited to take part in Student Voice both online and in person, which we also offer to staff and parents. This demonstrates are commitment to ensure the voices of all stakeholders of BBEC are voiced and listened to regularly.

Individual liberty

Students are actively encouraged to exercise their individual liberty in the choices that they make, with the knowledge that they are safeguarded and supported by their school community to do so. Our values of ambition, resilience, courtesy and kindness encourage students to think about the choices they make and how they impact on themselves and others. Our pastoral system and PA2L behaviour policy allows students the opportunity to make individual, positive choices around their behaviour and attitudes in a supportive environment. Our careers programme which runs from Year 7 to Year 11 introduces and encourages students to consider the options they have available to them in the future to continue to prosper beyond their time at BBEC. We also have an extensive choice of extra-curricular activities for students to choose to participate in beyond the classroom. Students are also encouraged to know, understand and exercise their rights and personal freedom in a safe way through the PSHCE/RSE curriculum.


At BBEC, the concepts of tolerance and inclusion are embedded within all aspects of school life. Students are taught explicitly about tolerance of different faiths and cultures in our Religious Education curriculum, which is compulsory in both KS3 and KS4. Our curriculum throughout school reflects modern, diverse Britain and beyond. Our PA2L behaviour policy has a restorative approach to instances of discrimination to ensure that students are educated on matters of inclusion by our both our Behaviour and Safeguarding teams. Furthermore, our Personal Development programme consistently updates and reflects on current issues to ensure students are equipped to be tolerant citizens of modern Britain. For example, students are taught to be critical thinkers of what they see online to ensure they are tolerant and accepting of all faiths and cultures.


The Rule of Law

The rule of law is respected and advocated at BBEC, whether that be in school or beyond. Students are explicitly taught about the rule of law and legal systems as part of our Citizenship education in PSHCE but they are also taught the importance of rules throughout the curriculum, for example in Physical Education. They are taught that laws exist to protect our rights and keep us safe. Our PA2L behaviour policy sets out school expectations and students are regularly reminded that this exists to ensure that all students in school can learn in a safe, respectful environment. Moreover, our Safer Schools Officer visits the school and students to support students in ensuring that they understand the consequences of their actions outside of the school community.

Mutual Respect

Through our PA2L behaviour policy and our overarching school values of courtesy and kindness, students learn that their behaviour affects themselves and others’ right to a safe environment for learning. We explicitly teach students through our PSHCE/RSE curriculum that mutual respect is an important part of forming healthy relationships with others. Our safeguarding and pastoral systems are designed to ensure that students are aware that they are valued and respected by all in the school community.



We set ourselves challenging goals


We give it a go


We are polite to everyone


We show we care about those around us

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