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Parents’ evenings are important events which enable parents and carers to discuss their child’s strengths and weaknesses, share concerns, and take an active part in their education. As per the Government Guidelines on COVID-19, all our parents evening will be taking place online until further notice.

Booking is done online via our Parents’ Evening Booking system, and you will be sent details of when booking is open prior to the event.

If you have forgotten your login or want to speak to someone or alternatively for further assistance in accessing online school platforms or password protected links/ materials endorsed or used by school please telephone the school on 01274 676285, alternative contact the schools helpdesk on

Year 11 Parents Evening Booking Guide

The video below shows you how to log in to book, and later attend, video appointments. If you prefer written information to the same effect click here. alternative link: Video Call Appointments

Apple Devices on iOS 14.2
Issue: stuttering audio at the start of the video call

Workaround: use a different device that does not run iOS 14.2
There is a known issue affecting Apple devices running iOS 14.2 which causes stuttering audio when joining video calls. The audio may stabilize itself after some time.
This affects connecting to any video call in the Safari browser and is not specific to SchoolCloud Parents Evening.
Apple have fixed the issue in the latest iOS 14.3 Beta 3 release. Source:

In order to make video calls you need to have as a minimum:


  • a device with a microphone and speaker

  • a compatible web browser:

  1. iPhone/iPad: Safari  Note: there is a known issue joining video calls using iOS 14.2. Please upgrade any iOS 14.2 devices to iOS 14.3, or use an alternate device.

  2. Android: Chrome or Firefox

  3. Windows: Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge (Chromium – download here)

  4. Mac: Safari, Chrome or Firefox

  5. Linux: Chrome or Firefox

We also recommend:

  • Using your smartphone for video appointments. If you don’t have a smartphone with a front-facing camera, use a laptop or computer with a webcam.

  • Using a headset (or earphones with a microphone) to reduce echo.

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