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From Year 7 to Year 11, these five academic years are incredibly important at providing every student with the experiences that meet our Curriculum aims:

  1. develop the whole child to ensure that they embody BBEC’s values, both in and out of school, by being ambitious and resilient in their work and courteous and kind in their interactions with other people.

  2. provide an all-round education that delivers excellent outcomes in terms of academic success, improved cultural capital and increased ambition in order to counter social disadvantage.

  3. create a school where everyone belongs, and equality of opportunity is actively and effectively promoted.

  4. develop an understanding, appreciation and respect for diversity while recognising and celebrating difference as well as all we have in common.

  5. ensure students are compassionate, courteous and kind by guiding their moral, intellectual and creative development.

  6. secure high levels of literacy, oracy and numeracy to enable students fully to participate in their acquisition of knowledge at BBEC and (the world) beyond.

  7. nurture academic habits and skills, emotional intelligence and creativity across a wide range of subjects including the arts, music, performing arts, IT, technology and sport.

  8. foster confidence, delight, resilience and discipline in seeking knowledge; a buzz for learning!

  9. develop knowledge of, and pride in, Buttershaw and Bradford as well as developing ambition and awareness of the possibilities outside the local environment.

To structure the achievement of these aims we aim to provide every student with a minimum entitlement that includes the following visits, experiences and activities:

  • Religious visit [2]*;

  • Theatre visit [6];

  • Sporting experience [7];

  • Museum or gallery visit [2];

  • Transport experience [9];

  • Workplace experience [2];

  • Local Heritage visit [9];

  • Residential or outward bounds activity [7];

  • Careers Guidance interview [2;

  • Further Education or Training Experience [6];

  • STEM experience [8];

  • Geographical experience – walk or fieldtrip [9];

  • Leadership experience [1];

  • Justice experience [1];

  • Creativity activity [7].

In addition, students may also access the following:

  • Charity Event [1};

  • Volunteering experience [7];

  • Democracy experience [6];

  • Custodian experience [9];

  • Cultural Experiences [2]

  • Enterprise activity [7];

  • Aspiration Evening [2];

  • Academy membership [7];

  • Extracurricular clubs and societies [8];

  • Mentoring experience [7];

  • Delivering Assemblies [7];

  • First Aid Training [1];

  • Bike ability training [1];

  • Year 9 Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme [2];

  • Trip to London [9];

  • BDAT Be There event [6];

  • BDAT Sports Spectacular event [9];

  • BDAT Science Week [8];

  • UK Maths Challenge [6].


*The numbers in brackets denote the link back to our BBEC Curriculum Aims.

The Minimum Entitlement is tracked through our SIMS system and regular reports used to identify gaps in individual student’s provisions and deliver interventions.  The Minimum Entitlement also dovetails with other priorities, such as Diversity and Inclusion and CEIAG ((Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance).


Parents receive regular updates of activities through individual student reports.

We are also working hard at the moment to address gaps in provisions caused by Cv-19 lockdowns, with interventions many activities doubling-up in 2022-23 to provide for more than one year group e.g. Residentials and Outward Bound activities.


The member of SLT that leads on Minimum Entitlement is Mr. J. Ryan

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