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Year 9


  • Seneca Learning is the U.K.’s most popular revision app for middle and high school students with more than 2.5 million users in England alone.

  • Seneca’s mission is to reduce educational inequality by creating a free & effective learning resource that is accessible to all.


For lots of useful information about what your child will be doing in Year 9.


The Year 9 pastoral team will work together to:

  • Ensure personal development is embedded into the tutor program to build strength of character, thus supporting students to be more confident, resilient and independent.

  • Support students’ social and academic progression whilst developing the skills for effective learning in and out of the classroom to ensure good progress.

  • Develop emotional maturity and resilience enabling students to build healthy relationships with their peers and staff.

  • Develop self-confidence to allow students to be more ambitious and resilient in lessons. Having a growth mind set in challenging situations and developing a culture of error and the skills to reflect on feedback in order to achieve to the best of their ability.

  • To recognise, appreciate and respect diversity, whilst being kind and courtesy to all.

  • Provide cultural capital opportunities for students and raise aspirations through educational visits and guest speakers in assemblies.

  • Foster empathy and school values to develop a rounded member of the school community with a willingness to contribute in lessons, engage in academies/extra-curricular activities and feel proud to belong to the BBEC community.

Mr Dalby – Head of Year

Ms Cawood – Assistant Head of Year

Mr Hussain – Pastoral Manager

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