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Ethos, Vision and Values


We are delighted to extend a very warm welcome to our happy, ambitious and vibrant school.  We are very proud of what we all achieve together to ensure that all in the BBEC family stay safe, achieve well and enjoy fantastic experiences.


Our shared vision for BBEC describes the way we work with all of our students to produce productive and caring adults of the future



At BBEC we will all work to ensure that our students will be the best they can be and can achieve great things.  They will be ambitious, resilient and determined in their learning and respectful, courteous and kind in their relationships.

We will thus prepare our students to lead safe, happy and successful lives.

BBEC is a values-driven school.  Our four values of Ambition, Resilience, Courtesy and Kindness describe how all in the BBEC family work together every day, how we challenge ourselves to produce our very best work and how we treat each other well.


We set ourselves challenging goals


We give it a go


We are polite to everyone


We show we care about those around us

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