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Year 11

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For lots of useful information about what your child will be doing in Year 11, please have a look at our Year 11 Parent Guide.

The Year 11 pastoral team will work together to ensure our Year 11 students:

  • Continue to develop the whole child to ensure that they embody BBEC’s values, both in and out of school, by being ambitious and resilient in their work and courteous and kind in their interactions with other people.

  • Provide a full and varied VIP programme of study that delivers the opportunity for students to explore and discuss a range of relevant topics and issues, improving cultural capital and fostering awareness and understanding of a diverse world.

  • Be a Year group where everyone belongs, and equality and opportunity are actively and effectively promoted. Year 11 students will lead and drive student initiatives aimed at raising the profile of equality for all.

  • Year 11 will have an understanding, respect and appreciation for diversity whilst recognising and celebrating difference as well as all that we have in common.

  • Ensure that students are compassionate, courteous and kind, by guiding their moral, intellectual and creative development.

  • Year 11 students will be ambitious and motivated to achieve and will have the personalised career guidance required to be able to make informed decisions about their future.

  • Set a positive example to the rest of the school, as kind and ambitious role models for younger students. To be a voice for the students of the school and to lead by example in promoting and demonstrating the values of BBEC.

  • Develop confidence, delight,resilience and discipline in seeking knowledge and be enthusiastic in their approach to learning.

  • Further the student’s knowledge of, and their pride in Buttershaw and Bradford as well as developing ambition and awareness of the possibilities outside the local environment.

If parents have any concerns or questions your first port of call should be to communicate with your child’s form tutor via their ARCK Booklet.

Please check ARCK Booklets at least once per week and sign the weekly page to acknowledge you have seen it. Teachers may contact you through the comments section. For support with online homework resources, please contact your child’s subject tutor in the first instance.

Should you wish to speak with a member of the pastoral team for Year 11 please see the information below.


Mrs Carr – Head of Year

Ms Clarke – Assistant Head of Year

Ms Harrison – Pastoral Manager

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