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Key Information and Documents

Curriculum policy 2023-24 appendix 2 bespoke curriculum

Year 7 BBEC curriculum guide 23-24

Year 8 BBEC curriculum guide 23-24

Year 9 BBEC curriculum guide 23-24

Year 10 BBEC curriculum guide 23-24

Year 11 BBEC curriculum guide 23-24

Curriculum Overview

At BBEC we will all work to ensure that our students will be the best they can be and can achieve great things.  They will be ambitious, resilient and determined in their learning and respectful, courteous and kind in their relationships.

We will thus prepare our students to lead safe, happy and successful lives.

BBEC is a values-driven school.  Our four values of Ambition, Resilience, Courtesy and Kindness describe how all in the BBEC family work together every day, how we challenge ourselves to produce our very best work and how we treat each other well.


  • develop the whole child to ensure that they embody BBEC’s values, both in and out of school, by being ambitious and resilient in their work and courteous and kind in their interactions with other people

  • provide an all-round education that delivers excellent outcomes in terms of academic success

  • expose students to a wealth of opportunities beyond the academic curriculum which enrich their experiences, add to their cultural capital and spark their ambition in order to counter social disadvantage through our commitment to BBEC Minimum Entitlement

  • create a school where everyone belongs, knows how to keep themselves and others safe, and equality of opportunity is actively and effectively promoted

  • develop an understanding, appreciation and respect for diversity while recognising and celebrating difference as well as all we have in common

  • ensure students are compassionate, courteous and kind through explicit character education to guide their moral, intellectual and creative development

  • secure high levels of literacy, oracy and numeracy to enable students fully to participate in their acquisition of knowledge at BBEC and (the world) beyond

  • nurture academic habits and skills, emotional intelligence and creativity across a wide range of subjects including the arts, music, performing arts, IT, technology and sport

  • foster confidence, delight, resilience and discipline in seeking knowledge.

  • develop knowledge of, and pride in, Buttershaw and Bradford as well as developing ambition and awareness of the possibilities outside the local environment.


  • We offer a broad, balanced and exciting curriculum for all students

  • Our curriculum is inclusive, and reflects the diverse nature of our school population

  • It embraces and meets the requirements for inclusion and equality as set out in the Special Educational Needs and Disability Code of Practice 2014 and Equality Act 2010

  • All students are able to follow a full curriculum; provision is not narrowed for any student

  • Our curriculum at KS3 builds on learning at Key Stage 2, but also offers the opportunity to discover new subjects in depth, and prepares them for future learning

  • Students are allowed an informed choice of curriculum pathways and option subjects in Years 10 and 11. A significant number follow the EBacc pathway

  • Students who need support, particularly with literacy and maths from primary school, will be given extra support.

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