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Useful Web Sites for GCSE Revision 


Useful websites for Maths revision 

Sparx for topic revision and weekly homework 


Corbett maths for topic revision, videos, exam style questions and 5-a-day 


Onmaths for exam practise marked online 


Useful websites for Geography revision  


Useful websites for Business revision 

Predictions for Paper 1 - Edexcel GCSE Business ( 

The Dynamic Nature of Business Explained ( (every topic for theme 1) 


Predictions for Paper 2 - Edexcel GCSE Business ( 

Organic Business Growth | How to Grow Internally ( (every topic for theme 2) 



Useful websites for Science revision 


For Science practicals use Free Science Lessons and then write required practical.  Example for osmosis link below. 


Useful sites for English revision   Macbeth  Blood Brothers  Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde summaries Analysing poetry  AQA English language links 




Useful website for French and Spanish revision 


French GCSE Revision | Revision World 


Spanish GCSE Revision | Revision World 


Free GCSE French AQA Revision Content — Study Rocket 


GCSE Spanish Revision | Quizlet 


GCSE French Revision | Quizlet 


Learn French with Memrise | GCSE videos 


Learn Spanish with Memrise | GCSE videos 


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