Please find all our key policies below, click to download:

Accessibility Plan (March 2017)
Accreditation, Certification and Exam Entry Policy (November 2016)
Admission Policy (June 2017-2018)
Anti Bullying Policy (March 2018)
Assessment Progress Reporting and Homework policy (January 2017)
Attendance Policy (2018-2019)
BDAT Complaints Procedure to MAT (June 2017)
BDAT Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy (August 2018 v2)
Behaviour policy (March 2018)
Charging and Remissions Policy (January 2017)
Child Protection Policy Sept 2018
Collective Worship (March 2018)
Community Cohesion Policy (January 2017)
Curriculum Policy (January 2017)
Data Retention Policy (April 2018)
Drugs Policy (March 2018)
E-Safety Policy Draft (September 2018)
Educational School Visits Policy (January 2017)
Equality Policy (July 2018)
Exclusion policy (2018-2019)
GDPR Policy (April 2018)
Health and Safety Policy (November 2018)
Keeping Children Safe in Education (September 2018)
Privacy Notice Staff (April 2018)
Privacy Notice Students (April 2018)
School Improvement Key Points (2017-2018)
SEND Policy (November 2017)
Sex Education (March 2018)
Staff Code of Conduct (September 2017)
Subject Access Request Guidance (April 18)
Whistleblowing Policy (August 2017)
Whistleblowing Procedure (June 2018)