Please find all our key policies below, click to download:

Accessibility Plan (March 2020)
Admission Policy (2020-2021)
Anti Bullying Policy (2020-21)
Admissions Process for BDAT Academies
Behaviour Policy – Covid additions (2020-21)
Charging and Remissions Policy (January 2020)
Child Protection Policy (January 2020-2021)
Child Protection Policy Addendum (2020-2021)
Collective Worship (March 2020)
Curriculum Policy (November 2019)
Drugs Policy (March 2020)
E-Safety Policy (January 2020)
Equality Diversity Policy (July 2018)
Equality Diversity Statement 2021
Exclusions Policy (2020-21)
Health and Safety Policy (January 2020)
Keeping Children Safe in Education (September 2020)
SEND Policy Nov 2020
Sex Education (January 2020)

BDAT Statutory Policies

If you would like a free of charge copy of any of our policies please contact the school office on 01274 676285.