Please find all our key policies below, click to download:

Accessibility Plan (March 2020)
Admission Policy (2020-2021)
Anti Bullying Policy (February 2020)
Admissions Process for BDAT Academies
Behaviour Policy (Covid additions) Nov 2020
Charging and Remissions Policy (January 2020)
Child Protection Policy (September 2020-2021)
Collective Worship (March 2020)
Curriculum Policy (November 2019)
Drugs Policy (March 2020)
E-Safety Policy (January 2020)
Equality Diversity Policy (July 2018)
Exclusion Policy 2019-20 (September 2019)
Health and Safety Policy (January 2020)
Keeping Children Safe in Education (September 2020)
School Improvement Key Points
SEN Policy (Nov 2019)
Sex Education (January 2020)

BDAT Statutory Policies

If you would like a free of charge copy of any of our policies please contact the school office on 01274 676285.