Please find all our key policies available for download and listed below:


Accreditation, Certification and Exam Entry Policy Nov 2016

Admission Policy June 2017-18

Anti-Bullying Policy May 2016

Assessment Progress Reporting and Homework policy Jan 2017

Attendance Policy 2017-18

BDAT Child-Protection-Policy-May-16-3

BDAT – Complaints-Procedure-to-MAT-June-17

Behaviour and Discipline Policy Jan 2017

Charging and Remissions Policy Jan 2017

Child Protection Policy September 2017

collective worship POLICY – Jan 2017

Community Cohesion Policy Jan 2017

Complaints Policy April 2016

Data protection and Privacy Notice docx

School Improvement Key Points 2017-18

Curriculum Policy January 2017

Educational school visits policy Jan 2017


Exclusion policy draft – Sept 2017

Keeping children safe in education

SEND Policy Nov 2015

Sex Education Policy – ┬áMarch 2016

Staff Code of Conduct Sept 2017