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BBEC has now started an application for the Eco-School Green Flag Award :

This award recognises our efforts to become more sustainable and achieve a mission statement of reducing the Carbon Footprint of our school. This work will involve collaborations between all of stakeholders: students, parents/carers, staff and external partners and organisations. The programme is being led by Mr Ryan and supported by Mr Haigh (BBEC Facility Manager).

There are seven steps to the Eco-Schools award and we aim to complete each of the steps by the following deadlines:

  • Step 1 – Committee (Achieved)

  • Step 2 – Environment Review (Deadline May 2021)

  • Step 3 – Action Plan (Deadline June 2021)

  • Step 4 – Curriculum Links (Deadline July 2021)

  • Step 5 – Informing and Involving (Deadline October 2021)

  • Step 6 – Monitoring and Evaluating (Deadline December 2021)

  • Step 7 – Eco-code (Deadline June 2022)

We aim to have the entire award achieved by June 2021, with our sustainable initiatives in operation and predominantly led by students and stakeholders.

This is an update on our progress so far:

Step 1: Forming an Eco -Committee

This committee currently comprises of the Year 7 students who are members of the Year 7 Environment Ministry, as follows:

  • Tamu S

  • Olivia A

  • Katie G

  • Gurjap S

  • Samuel M

  • Leon P

  • Holly M

  • Farhaan F

  • Chloe T

  • Maleeha I

  • Ella R

  • Oliver S

  • Reon N

  • Demi-Leigh M

  • Krishna J

This committee meets regularly, currently every two weeks. Below are the minutes from each of our meetings:

Our long-term plan is for the Committee to include more students from all Year Groups. There will also be opportunities for Parents/Carers and external companies and organisations to be part of the Committee.

Step 2: Conduct an Environmental Review

We are currently working on identifying our 5 priorities that will have the best chance of successfully reducing our Carbon Footprint.

We expect that one of these priorities will be the reduction of litter, specifically volumes of single-use plastics. There will be both actions to reduce volumes of waste generated and ensure more of waste is fully recycled, including food and technology items.

These are some of our completed reviews: Litter , Global Citizenship , Transport and Waste

Step 3: Develop an Action Plan

The Year 7 Environment Department have developed our Action Plan based upon the environmental reviews and have identified 5 Priority Areas, each with a separate section on the whole Action Plan:

Priority 1: Anti-Litter 
Priority 2: Healthy Living 
Priority 3: Waste 
Priority 4: Transport 
Priority 5: Global Citizenship 

These action plans are working documents and subject to changes and improvements as we move forward to become an Eco-School. If you have any suggestions about the plans or would like to get involved, please email Mr Ryan (

Step 4: Monitor and Evaluate

We are also really pleased that by completing these first three steps of the Eco-Schools application we have achieved the Bronze Award. Now onwards to the Silver and Gold Awards and achieving our ambitious plans


May 2021 

As part of our Reducing Waste Action Plan, our Reprographics department, led by Mrs Sadeghian, has joined the Forest Carbon programme, which involves our paper now obtained from sustainable and ethical sources. So far, this has resulted in a climate saving of over 2000kg of CO2 emissions and the planting of 9 trees

June 2021

Click here for Bulletin (June 2021)

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