School Profile

The school continues to serve an area of relative socio-economic disadvantage where experience of, and aspiration to, education success has been significantly low.  IDACI data confirms this significant skew.  Average developed ability and attainment on entry is also significantly below the national average; average KS2 points score for the current year 11 cohort puts prior attainment in the bottom 25% nationally.

The school receives significant Pupil Premium funding.  This is well targeted and there is evidence that progress for these students is improving. The outcomes for students in receipt of the Premium has improved in each of the last two years. This improvement is detailed in our Pupil Premium Report (to the right of this page).

Each year, governors discuss how the Pupil Premium money should be spent. Our current focus is very much on the removal of barriers to learning for those disadvantaged students who encounter particular challenges in being ready for learning.

The last discussion took place in November 2017 and governors will consider the Pupil Premium strategy and budget again in November 2018

Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2018-2019

Pupil Premium IMPACT REPORT 2017-18 F

Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2017-2018

Pupil Premium Impact Report 2017

Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2016-2017

Pupil Premium Impact Report 2016



Catch-up premium at BBEC 2017-18