BBEC Rewards

At BBEC we aim to rewards students as often as possible for following values and gaining achievements across all areas of school life:

The main ‘currency’ of the rewards systems are the Praise Points awarded in every lesson for students meeting expectations around school values and their own learning. There are three recognitions of Praise Points with a Bronze Award for 800 Net Praise Points, Silver Award for 1600 Net Praise Points and the Gold Award of 2400 Net Praise Points. These are Net Points as negative behaviour Points detract from the student’s individual totals.

The reward system is an evolving system and responds to suggestions from student voice and opportunities becoming available outside of school.


Extra Rewards Menu

There is also an Additional layer of rewards which students can spend your NET PRAISE POINTS to buy any of the following extra rewards

These are extra rewards and will not reduce your total Net P’s for this year that give you access to the Bronze, Silver and Gold Rewards at Christmas, Easter and Summer.



As with all aspects of life at BBEC, our approach to Behaviour and Attitudes will be based upon our school values.

  • Ambition – We need to expect the best behaviour from students, every lesson without fail.
  • Resilience – Sometimes it will be very challenging. We won’t give up.
  • Courtesy – We need to make sure we address students appropriately and use the systems in place with regret, rather than in anger.
  • Kindness – We must address students calmly and rely on the routines and expectations.





In lessons, students are given two chances in the form of reminders/warnings for any behaviour that prevents the learning of others.

Students will be reminded that their behaviour has an impact on others and that they should always be polite and respectful to each other and to staff in the school.

SANCTION  1 Student is formally reminded of appropriate behaviour.

Teacher clearly states that this is a warning and writes the name of the student on the board.

SANCTION 2 Teacher clearly states this this is a second warning. Teacher is to mark the name of the student on the board. Move seats if appropriate.
SANCTION 3 Yellow Card. Teacher states that this is a Yellow Card. Removal to an exit room to complete work. Issued with 10 behaviour points.
SANCTION 4 Red Card. If an exit room is failed a Red Card will be issued. Also an automatic Red Card if the initial behaviour merits it. Straight to Red Card Room. Detention issued. Issued with 20 behaviour points.

This will be dealt with by the pastoral team and SLT. Issued with 30 behaviour points.


Repeated poor behaviour will lead to more serious sanctions.

Warnings given will be linked to our school values and the modes of learning when being discussed with students.


  • The entire school site (both inside and outside) is a non-smoking environment
  • Aerosols, hairsprays, alcohol, dangerous or illegal items are not allowed to be brought into school
  • A reminder to all students that staff have the right to search students’ bag/possessions if they suspect they have a dangerous weapon or substance and confiscate if appropriate.
  • The following are examples of actions that will result in permanent exclusion:
    • any student found supplying or in possession of drugs, or illegal substances including alcohol
    • students who have a dangerous weapon on the premises or with them on the way to or from school in the community.
    • violence towards staff
    • students who purposely tamper with or set off the fire alarm
  • Incidents involving the above issues will always be discussed with our Safer School Police Officer




  • Mobile phones must be turned off in school.
  • If seen, your mobile phone will be confiscated. It can be collected from student reception at the end of the day. 10 behaviour points will be added.
  • Headphones and/or wireless earphones must not be seen in school. If they are they will be confiscated with the phone.
  • It is a breach of GDPR and safeguarding to take photos or film other students in school. Police will be notified.



  • all students should be ready and have the MINIMUM equipment to learn; pen, pencil, ruler, planner and an A4 sized bag. Additionally spare equipment is sensible along with an eraser, sharpener and a Casio scientific calculator.
  • all students should bring a bag to school every day
  • students should always bring their planner to school and this should be on tables in every lesson.



  • walk on the left on all corridors and stairways
  • walk straight to lessons via the most direct route – being late to lessons is unacceptable
  • respect students and staff at all times
  • respect your environment – no litter or graffiti
  • demonstrate the school values in all that you do