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Positive Behaviour Systems


Positive points are recorded in the student ARCK Record. Every week students will use a dedicated form time each week to collate their total positive points and these will be recorded on our tracking system to count towards prizes, trips, and a wide range of other rewards. Staff may also use ARCK Records to communicate positive messages home. 


As with all aspects of life at BBEC, our approach to Behaviour and Attitudes will be based upon our school values.

  • Ambition – We need to expect the best behaviour from students, every lesson without fail.

  • Resilience – Sometimes it will be very challenging. We won’t give up.

  • Courtesy – We need to make sure we address students appropriately and use the systems in place with regret, rather than in anger.

  • Kindness – We must address students calmly and rely on the routines and expectations.





The Sanctions System in response to unacceptable behaviours of any kind is non-negotiable. It is simple, clear, fair and applied consistently. It is designed to prevent and remedy disruption to the learning process and maintain our safe and orderly school. 


Within Lessons 

  • Phase 1 - If students do not follow instructions they will be given a Verbal Warning. The teacher will make it clear that they have received this along with the reason for it. The aim of the verbal warning is to indicate to the student that what they are doing is unacceptable and it cannot continue. They now have a choice to stop, without consequence, before Phase 2. 

  • Phase 2 - Given for continuation of unacceptable behaviour in class, despite the first verbal warning. At this point, the member of staff removes the ARCK Record from the student as a visible signal that Phase 3 will be implemented in the event of further poor attitude to learning. 

  • Phase 3 - A Written Comment is given for continuation of unacceptable behaviour in lessons, despite the two verbal warnings. Staff will record this in the student ARCK Record as a comment for behaviour. 

  • Phase 4 - At this point the class teacher has come to the decision that student is persistently undermining the work of everyone in the room despite two verbal warnings and a written comment so the student is given a Lesson Removal to an Exit area. 


Repeated Disruption in Lessons or Serious incidents 


Behaviour is tracked and monitored closely in school and students who demonstrate repeated disruption will face further sanctions including but not limited to: 

  • Phase 5 - Whole School detentions (30mins Mon-Fri) 

  • Phase 6 - Headship detentions (60mins Fri) 

  • Phase 7 - Isolation from other students where they will be expected to work in silence in a separate part of school for a period of time. 


Very serious or repeated poor behaviour could lead to: 

  • Phase 8 - Fixed Term Suspension where they are not allowed to attend school for a fixed period of time. You (the parent/carer) will have to attend school for a return to education meeting to discuss the behaviour of your child. 

  • Phase 9 - Permanent Exclusion where they will be removed from the school roll and will have to attend a different school. 


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