Year 9

Mock Exam Learn Sheets


For lots of useful information about what your child will be doing in Year 9.


The Year 9 pastoral team will work together to:

  • Ensure personal development is embedded into the tutor program to build strength of character, thus supporting students to be more confident, resilient and independent.
  • Support students’ social and academic progression whilst developing the skills for effective learning in and out of the classroom to ensure good progress.
  • Develop emotional maturity and resilience enabling students to build healthy relationships with their peers and staff.
  • Develop self-confidence to allow students to be more ambitious and resilient in lessons. Having a growth mind set in challenging situations and developing a culture of error and the skills to reflect on feedback in order to achieve to the best of their ability.
  • To recognise, appreciate and respect diversity, whilst being kind and courtesy to all.
  • Provide cultural capital opportunities for students and raise aspirations through educational visits and guest speakers in assemblies.
  • Foster empathy and school values to develop a rounded member of the school community with a willingness to contribute in lessons, engage in academies/extra-curricular activities and feel proud to belong to the BBEC community.

Mr Dalby – Head of Year

Ms Cawood – Assistant Head of Year

Mr Hussain – Pastoral Manager



Please find below a letter explaining the upcoming assessment period for year 9 and learn sheets. These series of exams are very important in enabling us to measure your child’s progress this year. The exams will also identify any areas which students find difficult, which can then be addressed.


Year 9 Assessment Letter to Parents 1

Year 9 Learn Sheet Spanish DC1

Year 9 Learn Sheet Maths

Year 9 French assessment 1 learn sheet

Y9 Maths Exam Revision Help Sheet

RE Y9 Learn Sheets

Music – Y9 – Knowledge Organiser – Theme and Variation V2

ICT Year 9 Learn Sheet

Geography Tourism Knowledge Organiser Y9

English To Kill a Mockingbird Learn Sheet Y9

Engilsh Of Mice and Men Learn Sheet

Drama Y9 – Knowledge Organiser – Theatrical Skills