As the senior students here at BBEC, Year 11 set a positive example to the rest of the school, as kind and ambitious role models for younger students. They are a voice for the students of the school and  lead by example in promoting and demonstrating the values of BBEC.

Year 11 celebrate the differences between us, and equality and opportunity are actively and effectively promoted. Year 11 students will lead and drive student initiatives aimed at raising the profile of equality for all.

Year 11 are ambitious. They want to do well and succeed in their final exams. They work hard and strive to meet the goals they set themselves. They are motivated to achieve and will receive the personalised career guidance required to be able to make confident and informed decisions about their future.

Year 11 are resilient. This year more than ever, they have come back from a disrupted period of learning, ready to take on new challenges and be the best they can be. They ‘give it ago’ and do not stop just because things may become difficult. They learn from their mistakes and look to improve and better themselves each time.

Year 11 are courteous. They use their manners in and out of lessons and are polite to others around them. They are respectful to staff and to their fellow students and to members of the wider community.

Year 11 are kind. They look out for one another and take care of others when they need it. They show compassion and understanding for all. They consider the feelings of others and the impact their actions could have.

Year 11 have pride in Buttershaw and the wider Bradford community and strive to become a positive member of this community. They will explore the opportunities offered locally as well as developing ambition and awareness of the possibilities outside the local environment.

Excellent attendance is key for all Year 11 students. They must arrive on time each morning (by 8.30am), wearing correct uniform and with full equipment for their day ahead. Punctuality to lessons is important to ensure no valuable learning time is missed.

We are pleased to have ten prefects in Year 11 who have been voted for by their peers. These students represent their year group and form the student voice, working within the departments of Wellbeing, Community and Diversity.

If parents have any concerns or questions your first port of call should be to communicate with your child’s form tutor via their planner.

Please check planners at least once per week and sign the weekly page to acknowledge you have seen it. Teachers may contact you through the comments section. You can also check any homework or revision tasks set by your child’s teachers. For support with online homework resources, please contact your child’s subject tutor in the first instance.

Should you wish to speak with a member of the pastoral team for Year 11 please see the information below.


Mr N Smith – Pastoral Manager.

Mrs N Winder – Assistant Achievement Leader.

Mrs S Zaccardelli – Achievement Leader.