Year 10

Year 10 students have made a positive start to the academic year, returning to school with a hunger to learn and achieve.  This is a great start to the GCSE/BTEC courses.

They understand the impact of good attendance on their learning and we support students in improving their attendance when they face challenges.  We celebrate great attendance in assembly each week, along with other achievements and successes.  Each term we reward students who have maintained good attendance and those who have improved.

Our expectations of the year group are to show excellent attitudes in all lessons. These expectations go beyond having a growth mind set to learning. Our students will be resilient, hardworking and passionate about achieving academic success. They understand that a key part of this is the completion of homework and encourages independent learning. Students record their homework in their school planners and we encourage parents to check their planners and support their learning.

During this year, Year 10 students will have the opportunity to broaden their experiences with extra-curricular activities. We will be encouraging them to become keen attenders and hope that many will be representing the school in sports and academic competition.  We aim to have all students participate in at least one activity. It is a great way to make new friends, try something new or develop an existing talent.  This is particularly relevant for Year 10 as they start to develop skills that will support their future education and career choices beyond BBEC.

Ten of our students will soon be voted as prefects by their peers. Our prefects act as a voice for their fellow students supporting others on issues such as bullying, rewards and attendance.  They work proactively with staff in improving the school.  Two students will be elected as Senior Prefects and will take on a leadership role within the team.

Last year students chose some of the subjects they would like to study at GCSE.  Students are settling in to their courses now and enjoying having had some choice in their pathway.  They continue to think about their futures during Careers Week and have opportunity to gain further careers guidance from Mr Grant, our careers adviser.

If parents have any concerns or questions your first port of call should be to communicate with your child’s form tutor via their planner.

Please check planners at least once per week for any key messages, teachers may contact you through the comments section. You can also check any homework or revision tasks set by your child’s teachers.  It is really helpful  for you to have the SIMs app as subject staff and the year team regularly send positive messages home via the app.

Should you wish to speak with a member of the pastoral team for Year 10 please see the information below.

Pastoral Manager for Year 10 – Mrs Kelly Baker –

Assistant Head of Year for Year 10 (Attendance) Miss Michelle Clark –

Head of Year 10 – Mrs Carolyn Carr –