Our guiding philosophy is that we believe that young people have one chance of getting a good education and it is our job to ensure they get it.  BBEC is here to serve the children and parents of Buttershaw and Bradford and to serve them well.

Our values are at the core of all we do.  Our values of Ambition, Resilience, Courtesy and Kindness guide how we plan great lessons to challenge students to produce their very best work and how we encourage all students to work hard. They also define how we, in the BBEC family, treat each other.  We believe that our job is more than just results, although they are very important, our values describe how we aim to work with parents to produce happy, successful, thoughtful and caring adults of the future.

BBEC is an inclusive school.  Our motto is ‘We all belong at BBEC’ and this is very important to us.  We want every member of the BBEC family to feel happy, secure, safe, able to be themselves and to succeed.  We are proud to have a real mix of students and staff from different backgrounds who bring different experiences and skills to our vibrant school.

BBEC is a truly comprehensive school and we welcome all children.  We have a fantastic mix of students with different skills and talents, and we feel that our job is to develop those talents whatever they are.  We have extrovert students, shy students, sporty students, students who love maths, students who just love to read, students who are enthusiastic and students who sometimes take a bit more coaxing.  Students from BBEC get the top grades and go on to study at Oxford, Cambridge, Durham, Bradford, Sheffield, Manchester and many other universities across the country, others go onto Bradford and Leeds colleges, some go on to study towards apprenticeships, some take their sporting prowess further and some go into employment.  We also have students who find learning more difficult and we have a fantastic set of staff who will help such students to thrive and make progress both in their learning and in other areas of school life.  Our SENDCo and her team ensure that all students with special educational needs excel at BBEC.  We have an excellent record of careers advice and we work hard to ensure that every student takes their first steps into adulthood successfully.

BBEC is going from strength to strength, our examination results just keep on improving.  We have invested in high quality teachers and associate staff who support and challenge students to do their absolute best and so we know that this improvement is set to continue.

At BBEC we understand the importance of great teaching and our students being successful academically, but as well as this we offer fantastic opportunities for children to develop skills and interests beyond the classroom.  We are very proud of our unique academies programme.  Students can apply to be involved in our:  Sports academy, our STEM academy caters for students who are interested in science, engineering and mathematics, Enterprise for those interested in developing business skills and we have an Art & Design academy and a Performing Arts academy.  Through these academies students take part in a wide range of activities in school and competitions and visits out of school.  We also offer a range of enrichment activities and residential trips around Yorkshire, trips to London, theatre trips, skiing in Italy, Safari in Africa; too many to mention here. Students at BBEC have the chance to experience things they may have never done before.  There really is something for every child.

BBEC is part of the Bradford Diocesan Academies Trust (BDAT) and, together with all the BDAT schools, we are committed to safeguarding our students and to the inclusion and achievement of all.

We look forward to sharing our vision with you, we always welcome visitors by prior appointment.

Ruth Hartley
Head of School