Voucher scheme

  1. You will receive your 16 digit eCode via email.
  2. Go to www.freeschoolmeals.co.uk  and enter the 16 digit eCode
  3. Select a supermarket
  4. Enter the amount and add to basket
  5. Checkout and enter the email address you would like the eGift card sent to
  6. Your eGift card will be processed and sent (please allow up to 3 hours for it to be delivered to your inbox).

Click here for the Parent and Carer Frequently Asked Questions (DfE_FreeSchoolMeals_ParentCarerFAQs.pdf)

What happens if I have a smartphone but no data when I’m at the supermarket?

  • We suggest ordering your eGift card at home when connected to WIFI before you go to the supermarket. Take a screenshot of the eGift card barcode before going to the supermarket as this should still scan ok in-store.

I’m not able to get to the supermarket.

  • You can forward the supermarket eGift card to someone else to purchase goods on your behalf if you’re not able to get to the supermarket. The eGift card email contains a link to a barcode which can be presented at the till in-store, just like a gift card.

My school has ordered an eCode for me, but it hasn’t come through to my email?

  • Firstly, check your junk mail.
  • If it still hasn’t arrived within 3 hours, please contact your school to ensure that they have your correct email address

I have ordered an eGift card, but it hasn’t come through to my email?

  • Firstly, check your junk mail folder and trash.
  • You will receive two emails – one will be a confirmation or your order and the other will be the eGift card itself. If your order confirmation email has arrived, then your eGift card is in a queue and is on its way.