“The students are proud to wear the uniform they designed themselves” – OFSTED OCTOBER 2009

The school uniform standards are high.
We operate an ‘entrance mat check’ each morning to ensure students uphold our high standards with regard to the dress and appearance code and to check on essential items for a successful day. This includes checking that students have the correct uniform and that it is worn professionally.

As a reminder our uniform code is as follows:

  • Black school blazer with the school badge embroidered on the breast pocket
  • A school tie for the correct year group
  • A plain white collared shirt buttoned at the collar
  • Black tailored formal school logo trousers
  • Black or white socks
  • Plain black formal shoes (leather or similar material, low heel, no boots, trainers, or trainer type or casual shoes) with no logos or markings, no suede shoes
  • Black shalwar and kameez or pyjama are acceptable as school uniform but a blazer, shirt and tie must also be worn
  • Scarves or headbands, when worn, must be black or white
  • Black school jumpers or cardigans bearing the school badge can be purchased from the school and may only be worn under the school blazer during the cold weather

PE uniform

A black badged polo shirt, rugby shirt and jogging bottom.
Jewellery is limited to the following:
A watch and a discreet pair of ear studs may be worn (one stud per ear). No other jewellery is allowed and may be confiscated. For Health and Safety reasons any other type of body piercing is not allowed.

General appearance

We are responsible for students on their journey to and from school so we also check that our uniform is worn correctly on leaving the school site – we insist on blazers, ties and black shoes being worn and shirts tucked in to support our high standards within the community.
We challenge extreme hair styles and hair colour – we expect a natural hair colour and smart appearance for school.

We also check that students have the necessary equipment to manage in lessons without having to borrow items – we regard as essential for your child:

  • a bag (large enough to hold a number of exercise and textbooks)
  • a planner
  • a reading book
  • a pencil case containing at least 3 pens, 2 pencils, eraser, pencil sharpener, ruler
  • PE Kit for days on which your child has PE lessons

We will ask your child in the morning to return home before school starts to change into appropriate uniform if the code is breached or to get key items such as those listed above. Any who cannot do so will be asked to work in our Green Room for the day.