Student Experience

This area of school life is led by Mr J Ryan (Assistant Headteacher – Student Experience).


Core Offer

The BDAT Student Experience Group which is led by Mr. Joe Ryan and joined by Assistant Headteachers from the other three BDAT Secondary Schools has been working for the past two years on delivering a core entitlement (offer) to every student.

AT BBEC our core student experience offer includes:

  • Access to a rich programme of extracurricular activities, including trips and residentials and our own BDAT sports, science and performing arts events;
  • The opportunity to join one of our five internal Academies, from Year 8 onwards;
  • Access to an outstanding period 3 (PSHCE) and assembly programme that meets required legislation, notably covering areas like safeguarding, wellbeing, citizenship and cultural capital;
  • Access to an outstanding programme of careers guidance and information especially linking to life beyond BBEC and being better prepared for the transitions to higher education, apprenticeship and employment;
  • The opportunity to lead, and participate in, national, regional and local charity events;
  • The opportunity to be rewarded for achievement, progress and successes;
  • The opportunity to become an elected prefect;
  • The opportunity to be heard and become involved in student voice

Ultimately, students spend a short period of time secondary school – five years/60 months which can equate to around 6% of their lives. However, it has a tremendous impact on their future and we strive at BBEC for this time to be enjoyable, positive, rewarding and successful.

We are also aware of the challenges that many students face and we have planned into all of our provisions additionality to support our disadvantaged groups and those students requiring additional support or challenge.

This section of the website provides more information about many of the key areas of student experience. If you have any questions please contact me using the details at the top of this page.