Parents’/carers’ voice 2021-2022

As you know, we ask parents/carers to complete a questionnaire at all parents’/carers’ evenings.  Please find below a summary of the results for the questions that all parents answered:

Agree Disagree
1. My child is happy at BBEC 95% 5%
2. My child feels safe at BBEC 95% 5%
3. BBEC has high expectations for my child 97% 3%
4. BBEC makes me aware of what my child will be learning during the year 83% 17%
5. There is a good range of subjects available at BBEC 98% 2%
6. My child does well at BBEC 97% 3%
7. My child knows at least one member of staff who he/she/they would go to if he/she/they have any concerns 98% 2%
8. My child can take part in clubs and activities at BBEC 97% 3%
9. I would recommend this school to another parent 94% 6%