What can I borrow?
You can borrow a maximum of:
1 book, (This will increase with good library usage to a maximum of 3)
1 DVD,
1 Audio Book,
as long as you have a healthy borrowing account.

How long can I borrow them for?
Non-fiction loans last a week
Fiction loans last for two weeks
DVDs can be loaned for overnight viewing*
Audio Book loans last for a week*

Can I take out any book, Audio or DVD ?
No. Books that have a reference sticker cannot be taken out of the library.
Also there is a young adult section which is divided in to two parts; ‘Teen Reads’ and ‘Young Adults’.
‘Teen Reads’ are available to students from Yr 9+ and ‘Young Adults’ are available from Year 10.
DVDs can only be loaned out in accordance to age rating.

Are there any charges for borrowing an item?
Yes. If you want to borrow a DVD or audio book there is a £5 returnable deposit. You will be given a deposit note which you need to keep safe for when you return the item.

Can I reserve an item?
Yes. This can be done in one of two ways.
The first way is by calling in at the library and filling out a reservation request.
This reservation will be added to your account and when the item is ready you will receive an email telling you it is ready for collection.

The other way is to reserve using the online OPAC system. You will need your personal login details to do this. Again, when the item is available you will receive a message the next time you login to the library OPAC. Please note if the item is not picked up within 3 days of its availability you will need to reserve it again.

What happens if an item that I have on loan is reserved by someone else?
Should an item that you have be reserved by someone else you will only be allowed to have it for the time specified and then it MUST be returned. You will not be able to renew the item if it has been reserved



It is really important that you return items on or before their due date. By doing so you keep a healthy borrowing record and you are able to borrow the stated amounts of books, DVDs and Audio books.

Where do I return my loaned items?
All books should be placed in the returns box, located inside the library or handed in to a member of staff or ‘FYI Crew’ on duty inside the library.

DVDs and Audio Books need to be handed in at the library desk along with the deposit note given out when loaned, so that the deposit may be returned and signed for. If items are not returned when specified, there is a one day grace period and then £1 will be deducted for each day that the item is late.

What if I forget to return an item?
If you forget to return an item on the due date it is important that you come and speak to someone in the library so that a note can be added to your account about this. We do not fine for overdue books but we will ask for the cost or a replacement of the item if it remains unreturned after six weeks.

Will I get a reminder for overdue items?
Yes. You will recieve emails about any outstanding items you have borrowed and after two emails your achievement tutor will also remind you. If items still have not been returned a letter will be sent home advising your parents of the situation. It is therefore important that you check emails.

What happens if I am asked to replace or pay for an item?
Should you be asked to replace or pay for an item a letter will be sent home to your parents/carers, explaining the situation and how much it costs to replace the item. Payment or the replacement item should be returned to the library where it will be checked and a receipt issued to show that this item is now cleared.
However, persistent non return will action a borrowing restriction, on your acount until the end year.

What if the item borrowed is accidently damaged or lost?
Accidents will happen from time to time, but you must report any damage to an item, whilst in your possesion.**
If you lose an item borrowed from the library, again you MUST report this to Ms McKenzie in the library. Unfortunately, failure to do so will lead to you being asked to replacement the item or pay for a new one.** The event will be recorded on their library record as a means of monitoring library usage and loan borrowing.

**Please note: Because in life accidents do happen, we allow all students one exception, without their account being affected, if they report the loss or damage as soon as it happens.



Is the library open all the time?
No. For information about library/ LRC opening times please see the time table on the welcome page for the library.

Can I use the Library?LRC during break times?
Yes. The library is open most breaks and lunchitimes, unless a class is in session or the librart has been booked for a meeting/event. If you wish to access the library during break times, a library pass must be shown to the duty officers (passes are currently a sticky label which is placed in planners.
Misuse of this pass, by saying you are coming to the library but then using it to gain access to other parts of the building will result in your pass being voided. As a result you will only have access to the library during the one hour extended opening, after school.

What if I have lost/damaged my pass?
You must tell some one about your pass. Replacements are available in the first instance from your form tutor, however in the event that they no longer have blank passes, one may be obtained from the library. Please note there will probably be a maximum of 3 days waiting time before your new pass is ready.

Can I eat or drink in the library?
There is a NO eating or drinking policy when working in the library, however on extremely hot days students may drink water.

Can I be suspended from the library/LRC?
Yes. The library/ LRC is a public place meant for the whole BBEC community to enjoy. As a result of this we expect the behaviour in the library to reflect the values of the school ethos and the rights of other users. The library/LRC is a place where students should feel they can have a quiet environment in which to study or read for pleasure. The use of derrogative and/or foul language, violence or displays of aggression are not tolerated and students will be asked to leave, the Pastoral team will be notified and the incident logged in accordance to BBEC’s behavioural policy.

How long will a suspension last?
In the first instance one week, but if poor behaviour continues then it will increase to a week then two weeks. In the event that a student is just unable to manage their behaviour when not supervised, their pass will be removed for the remainder of the year. A suspension will not however affect any lesson time due to be had in the library/LRC or supervised visits to return and change their book.