The library is a public place for the whole BBEC community to enjoy. As a result of this we expect the behaviour in the library to reflect the values of the school and the rights of other users. The library is a place where students should feel they have a quiet environment in which to study or read for pleasure.
There is a NO eating or drinking policy when working in the library, however on extremely hot days students may drink water.

Opening Times

Before school – 8:00 – 8:30am (all year groups)
Break time – 10:55 – 11:10am (years 8, 10)
Lunch time – 12:00 – 12:30pm (years 7, 9, 11)
After school – 3:00 – 5:00pm (all year groups)

*Please note If you wish to access the library during break times, a library pass must be shown to the duty officers (passes are currently a sticky label which is placed in planners. Misuse of this pass, by saying you are coming to the library but then using it to gain access to other parts of the building will result in your pass being voided.

What if I forget to return an item?

You will receive emails about any outstanding items you have borrowed and after two emails your achievement tutor will also remind you. If items still have not been returned a letter will be sent home advising your parents of the situation. It is therefore important that you check emails.

Loans and Reservations

  • Books

 A student can borrow a maximum of 2 book at any given time. (1 fiction and 1 nonfiction)

Returning books – borrowed books must be returned to the front desk to be scanned back in.

*Terms and Conditions

Book loans last for two weeks

Books that have a reference sticker cannot be taken out of the library.

There is a young adult section which is divided into two parts; ‘Teen Reads’ and ‘Young Adults’.

‘Teen Reads’ are available to students from Yr 9+ and ‘Young Adults’ are available for y10/11

  • DVD

A student can borrow a maximum of 1 DVD at any given time.

Returning DVD – borrowed DVD must be returned to the front desk to be scanned back in.

*Terms and Conditions

DVD is loaned out for 2 days only.

DVD can only be loaned out in accordance to age rating.

A £5.00 returnable deposit is needed to borrow a DVD.

Losses and Damages

If a book or DVD is damaged on return and has not been reported beforehand you may be asked to replace or pay for an item. A letter will be sent home to your parents/carers, explaining the situation and how much it costs to replace the item. Payment or the replacement item should be returned to the library where it will be checked and a receipt issued to show that this item is now cleared.
**Please note: Because in life accidents do happen, we allow all students one exception, without their account being affected, if you report the loss or damage as soon as it happens.