COVID-19 Lateral Flow Device Testing for Students

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Re:  Lateral Flow Device Testing for Students in school on-site and at home who are asymptomatic (have no CV-19 symptoms).

Dear Parents/Carers,

Students will all be asked to complete 2 lateral flow device tests onsite when we return to school in September 2021. These are very simple to do and staff will be on hand to support students carrying out these tests.

After the first 2 tests that students have carried out in school they will then be given testing kits to use at home. The move to self-testing at home will take place by the end of the first full week in school in September.

Information about how to carry out the tests and how to record the results can be found in the information below.

Please note that if your child has any symptoms of CV-19; a persistent cough, fever, loss of taste or smell, they should self-isolate and arrange to get a PCR test.  They must not attend school.  The Lateral Flow Device test is only for people without symptoms.

1. How will I get the lateral flow device tests to use at home?

Your child(ren) will be given boxes of tests following their second test in school. If you have already provided consent then this is all that is needed. The self-testing at home is covered by your original consent. Consent can be withdrawn at any point. If you have yet to give consent then please click here.

2. What does the self-test at home entail?

The test at home is the same as the test that students will have been carrying out at school. It involves a swab to the back of the throat and inside one nostril. Students will conduct the test themselves if they are aged 12 or over. Students who are 11 years old must have supervision from an adult. Testing will take place on Sunday and Wednesday evening each week.

3. How do I get information on how to carry out the self-tests at home?

Your child(ren) will be issued with an instruction booklet providing all the details of how to carry out the self-testing at home. An electronic version of this booklet is provided with this letter.

Further guidance can also be found via the video tutorial at the following links below:

Step by Step guide to COVID-19 Self Testing

COVID Testing in Schools (BSL)

If you would like the instructions for testing in a different language then please access this at the following link:

4. When will my child find out his/her result?

Students will obtain the results of their test within 30 minutes by observing the lateral flow device at home. Either a positive, negative or void result is possible. If the result is void, you must do a further test using a fresh test kit.

5. What happens if my child’s result is positive?

Your child and the household they live at must isolate whilst a confirmation PCR test is booked. If the PCR test is also positive then the household must remain in isolation for the correct time period (currently 10 days). If the PCR test is negative then isolation can stop and your child can return to school.

6. What happens if my child’s result is negative?

Your child will continue to attend school every day and will go to lessons as normal. S/he will still have to follow all the normal precautions such as social distancing, wearing a mask, regular handwashing and/or hand sanitising.

7. How do I report the results of the self-test?

By participating in the testing you agree that the result must be reported in two separate locations:-

                                  On the NHS Online Portal at

                        On the BBEC Microsoft Form at

8. What happens to the test data?

The test result data will be stored securely in line with all national data guidelines. A privacy notice with information about this has been published on the school website and forms part of the online consent form.

Testing remains optional although we would strongly encourage you to take part as it is all part of the national strategy to keep students safe while in school, reduce virus transmission and protect families at home.  If you or your child do not consent to testing, your child will still be able to attend school as normal.

If you haven’t yet given consent but now wish to participate in home testing then please complete the consent from online at the link here:

(Paper consent forms are available by telephone request to the administration team in the main school office).

We hope this letter helps to answer some of your questions and provide some reassurance about the process we are undertaking as we transition to self-testing at home. If you have concerns or further questions, please contact school at

Yours sincerely,


Mark Colman

Senior Deputy Headteacher