All students and staff are members of one of four house teams, Earth, Air, Fire or Water. The four houses compete over each school year to win ‘The House Cup’.  Each tutor group is made up of students from all 4 house teams.

Each half term, students in Years 7 – 10 participate in a whole week of house activities in their tutorial periods. During the week students will compete against the other house teams in their tutor group in 3 different activities.  These have included dodgeball, lego-build, quizzes, fashion design and many more.

They will also attend a house assembly with their year group which will include a theme, an update on results and upcoming events and a live competition.

There is an extracurricular competition each half term. This is run from 3-4pm on the Thursday of the penultimate week. Each term an additional activity is run in the evening (7pm) to give Parents an opportunity to get involved.  These are promoted in school, on the weekly reporter and on the school web page.

Each house is linked to a charity and competes against the other houses to raise money.  Students may apply to be ‘Charitable Leaders’ and actively fundraise throughout the school year.

Each house has a leader as detailed below,

Air – Kay Holdsworth

Water – Rob Ryan

Fire – Sarah Steel

Earth – Carolyn Carr

Students show their allegiance to their house with a sticker on the front of their school planner.  Students in Year 7 also have a lanyard in their house colour.

Please contact Carolyn Carr (Director of Pupil Activities) for further information.