Health and Social Care

Department Profile

Health and Social Care is a vocational options subject taken in Years 10 and 11. Vocational qualifications are based on real life work place scenarios. Students will learn about many different Health and Social Care services such as hospitals, doctors, social work, schools, care work, charities, therapy and NHS services.

Health and Social Care is one of the most popular option choices at BBEC with nearly half of all Year 10 and 11s choosing to study it. There is no prior knowledge required and students find that the subject has close links with Science, PE, PHSCE and IT.

Students who take Health and Social Care are usually considering futures careers within the NHS, teaching, social work, care work or children’s care. Students enjoying the subject often chose to study it after they leave BBEC and there are plenty of local providers who offer it at the next level.

Curriculum Overview

We deliver the BTEC Tech Award in Health and Social Care at Level 2, in mixed ability classes.

Health and Social Care is the study of human life, health and the vital key services within the NHS. We complete 3 units of study. 2 of them are coursework based, where learners will conduct their own research in order to complete 4 individual assignments. The final unit is an examination, where learners will look at the case study of a hypothetical unhealthy individual and create a health plan to improve their lifestyle.

Outside of the classroom

Pupils are encouraged to make use of the full range of resources we have on Microsoft TEAMS. Students will find electronic copies of all lesson materials, textbooks and assignments which will enable them to do their coursework outside of the classroom. They can access TEAMS from any device.

We actively encourage and promote external visitors such as nurses, social workers, NHS and care workers to visit the class room and share their experiences of the job.

Department staff

  • Miss H Dobson – Lead Teacher of Health and Social Care
  • Ms M Clarke- Teacher of Art and Health and Social Care


All questions regarding Health and Social Care can be emailed to Miss Dobson at