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Governor Meeting Attendance: BBEC attendance 2017-2018

Governors help the school senior managers to set the course for the school over the next few years. They also check that the headteacher and his colleagues are leading the school well. They approve the school policies and budget.

If you would like to contact our governors, please write to the school : Chair of Governors. Buttershaw Business & Enterprise College, Reevy Road West, Bradford, BD6 3PX.

No governor has relevant financial interests.


Standards Committee – (Chair – Ms R Bhatti)

Members: Philip Turner, Julia Wilcox, Ruby Bhatti, Nicky White, Rita Tyas, Julie Benn, Emma Sey

This committee oversees the leadership of achievement, ensuring that student progress and outcomes are an absolute priority for the school and ensuring that the school is taking action to improve as necessary.


Finance & Personnel Committee – (Chair – Mr S Readyhough)

Members: Stuart Readyhough, Richard Ackroyd, Lechu Ali, Simon Hume, Zoe West

This committee ensures that the school acts within the law, sets a balanced, valued for money budget that supports school improvement and manages its staff well.

Full Governing Body and Finance & Personnel Attendance Register 2016-2017 : fgb-fp-attendance-register-2016-2017

Full Governing Body Attendance Register 2013-2016: register-of-attendance-fgb-2013-to-2016

Declarations of Interests of Governors serving on the BBEC Governing Body 2018/19: DECLARATION OF INTERESTS 2018-19


Governing Body 2018-19

CHAIR:  Philip Turner (Trust Governor)  –  Term of Office 17-09-2018 to 16-09-2022

VICE-CHAIR: Ruby Bhatti (Trust Governor)  –  Term of Office 17-09-2018 to 16-09-2022

Ruth Hartley (Head of School)

Julia Wilcox (Trust Governor) – Term of Office 01-09-2016 to 31-08-2020

Rita Tyas (Trust Governor) – Term of Office 01-09-2016 to 31-08-2020

Stuart Readyhough (Trust Governor)  –  Term of Office 01-09-2016 to 31-08-2020

Nicky White (Trust Governor)  –  Term of Office 1-09-2018 to 31-8-2022

Richard Ackroyd (Trust Governor)  –  Term of Office 17-09-2018 to 16-09-2022

Julia Bateson (Clerk)

Julie Benn (Staff Governor) – Term of Office 9-10-2018 to 8-10-2022

Simon Hume (Staff Governor) – Term of Office 9-10-2018 to 8-10-2022

Zoe West (Parent Governor) – Term of Office 29-10-2018 to 28-10-2022

Lechu Ali (Parent Governor) – Term of Office 29-10-2018 to 28-10-2022

Emma Sey (Trust Governor) – Term of Office 5-12-2018 to 4-12-2022


BBEC Link Governor Appointments 2018/19

Julia Wilcox – SEND

Rita Tyas – Safeguarding

Philip Turner – Science

Nicky White – Maths

Ruby Bhatti – English & Humanities

Richard Ackroyd – Careers

Vacant – Mental Health & Wellbeing

Vacant – MFL

Zoe West – Art

Philip Turner – Science