Instructions during exams

  • You MUST be on time for all your examinations and any required periods of supervision
  • You MUST bring a black pen to all your examinations, and may bring any other permitted equipment (as specified on the exam paper )
  • You MUST NOT become involved in any unfair or dishonest practice before, during or after the examination
  • You MUST NOT have any unauthorised material, including electronic devices and mobile phone in the exam room
  • You MUST NOT talk to, attempt to communicate with or disturb any other candidate once you have entered the examination room
  • You MUST follow the instructions of the invigilator
  • If you have any questions or doubt raise your hand and wait for the Invigilator
  • You MUST leave the question paper, answer booklet and any other used material in the exam room.

Late candidates

If a candidate arrives after the scheduled start time of that exam then that candidate will be classed as a late arrival and the centre reserves the right to decline the candidate’s entry to the exam room. The centre may consider accepting a candidate into an alternative venue to avoid disrupting the integrity and security of the exam under the decision of the head of year, exams officer and/ or associate head with the instruction of the awarding body.

Food and drink in the exam room

Candidates are not permitted to bring in or consume any food in the exam room. Candidates are only permitted to bring in a drink if it is water in a clear plastic bottle and is free from packaging and all labels are removed.

Candidate’s certificates/ results

Candidate’s certificates are received and stored securely within the schools administration office; it is the candidate’s responsibility to report to the main reception to collect any achieved external assessments. A candidate’s results can be requested by contacting the exams officer if available on the schools current MIS system and will be printed on to the schools headed paper results CANNOT be emailed or read out over the telephone and must either be posted or collected in person.  A candidate must sign to confirm they have received all their certificates/ results reporting at the time of collection any issues to the exams officer if applicable it is the candidate’s responsibility to safely store collected certificates/ results once they have left the administration office.  Arranging for certificates/ results to be collected on a candidate’s behalf may be done by providing the exams officer with written permission/ authorisation with the authorised person producing ID evidence on collection of the certificates/ results.