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KS3 3D Studies Curriculum

KS3 Textiles Curriculum

KS3 Food & Nutrition Curriculum

Year 10 3D Studies Curriculum

Year 10 Textiles Curriculum

Curriculum Map Food 3D Textiles CONNECT 23-24

Year 11 3D Studies Curriculum

Year 11 Textiles Curriculum

KS 4 Food & Nutrition Curriculum


The word ‘Technology’ means ‘application of knowledge to meet the practical aims of life’, and this is a core thread running throughout our curriculum. The Technology curriculum at BBEC is inspiring, rigorous, and inherently practical, delivering key knowledge, skills and understanding through the exploration of three material areas including 3D design, Art Textiles and Hospitality and Catering. We believe that the Technology curriculum at BBEC will allow students to gain practical knowledge and skills, to set them up for later life.


The Technology curriculum at BBEC delivers excellent outcomes through the development of the creative, technical, and practical expertise needed to perform everyday tasks confidently and to participate successfully in an increasingly technological world.

Through our Technology curriculum we intend to:

  • allow our students to build and apply a repertoire of knowledge, understanding and skills in order to design and make high-quality prototypes and products for a wide range of applications.

  • promote critique and evaluation and prompt students to test their ideas and products using feedback and the work of others to enhance their own work.

  • teach specialist skills including how to cook nutritious meals to feed themselves and others.

  • ensure that students can utilise and master the skills learned in school, at home, teach them to others, and reuse them in later life.


  • build on the KS2 DT and Mechanisms National Curriculum.

  • allow students to be experimental, take calculated risks and make mistakes whilst becoming more resourceful and innovative.

  • promote the use of independent research and the development and communication of design ideas.

  • develop students’ ability to demonstrate competency working with a range of tools, equipment, ingredients, and processes with confidence.

  • Instill a love of cooking in students allowing each studentto develop this crucial life skill, through giving students the opportunity to cook a repertoire of nutritiously balanced main meals.

  • develop students’ language through the explicit teaching of tier 2 and tier 3 vocabulary which allows them to unlock key knowledge and understanding.

  • to develop an understanding of how artists, craftspeople, designers, and chefs come from all walks of life and develop an appreciation for the work that they have contributed to society.

  • develop students’ ability to work in the kitchen, workshop and textile studio using equipment with care and confidence selecting the appropriate health, safety, and hygiene procedures.

  • foster an environment in which students know they belong and are valued through recognising student successes and achievements.


  • allow students the freedom of creative expression through a range of carefully chosen qualifications, each of which have roots in the KS3 curriculum and are built on in Year 10.

  • allow students to master new and existing concepts through ‘foundation’ and preparatory units of work before moving on to controlled assessments.

  • prepare students for life after Year 11; we have carefully mapped content so that students are able to take on F.E. courses such as Level 3 Hospitality and Catering, A-level Textiles/ Fashion and Art and Design, with ease.


  • coverage of knowledge, skills and understanding which exceed the KS3 National Curriculum.

  • iterative design-based, spiral curriculum at KS3.

  • projects are based around ‘real world’ problems and solutions.

  • content is tailored to the needs of our local demographic.

  • all content is delivered with emphasis placed on life skills and the ‘bigger picture’.

  • content of KS4 qualifications is relevant to students’ potential next destinations.

  • opportunities for students to contribute to the life of the school and the community, by working with ‘real’ contexts to develop their skills and creativity

  • opportunities for partnerships with external providers to extend students’ opportunities for learning.

  • opportunities to attend extra-curricular clubs in Design and Technology and Food.

  • opportunities for students to take part in local and national competitions


AMBITION in Technology means…. 

  • Setting ambitious challenges within learning and developing high-quality, personal responses.

  • Fostering a sense of awe and wonder.

  • Instilling a passion for the subject and posing insightful questions about the future of Technology

  • Taking risks, self expression and exploring all design possibilities through ‘Iterative Design’, ideas are endless.

  • Completing all Home Learning tasks set by teachers

RESILIENCE in Technology means…. 

  • Refining skillsets and mastering techniques and processes to become confident and competent practitioners.

  • Providing constructive feedback to aid self-reflection and support others to improve work.

  • Accepting and responding to feedback in a positive manner.

  • Asking questions to deepen understanding and not being afraid to make changes to designs.

COURTESY and KINDNESS in Technology means….. 

  • Developing kindness to ourselves and others in paired work and group work, especially in practical work.

  • Looking after learning spaces; tools, machines, CAD/CAM equipment and materials.

  • Using evaluation and feedback to help develop creativity.

  • Listening whilst others are talking.

  • Taking care of our work and that of others.

  • Encouraging an appreciation of the importance of sustainability to protect our planet and become courteous individuals who consider the impact of our actions.

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