RE/Social Sciences

Department Profile

The RE/Social Sciences department has seven full-time members of staff who deliver GCSE Religious Studies, Sociology, and Health and Social Care and Psychology.   Specialist teachers also deliver PSHCE which includes work on Relationships Education and Drugs Education. In all of these subjects common themes are looked at which focus on key values such as morality, justice and equality. Our aim is to ensure students are equipped with the skills and knowledge to achieve their maximum potential. We also endeavor to make all students aware of issues that affect their lives and allow them to be well rounded citizens who can contribute to society.

Curriculum Overview

Religious Studies: In preparation for their GCSE Year 7 and 8 students undertake a systematic study of all six major world religions as well as non-religious / humanist belief systems. Year 7 and 8 schemes of work equip students with the fundamental principles of each religion and they are given the opportunity to apply these to modern themes.

In Year 9 students begin their GCSE which they will continue until Year 11 when they sit their exam. The new specification focuses on British values and includes an in depth study of the beliefs and practices of two major world faiths. The curriculum focuses on both Christian and Islamic beliefs, practices and teachings. It also covers key themes which include; Relationships and families, Religion and Life, Religion, crime and punishment and Religion, human rights and social justice. By the end of Year 10 all foundation work is complete leaving Year 11 to focus on exam revision, skills and techniques. Throughout the curriculum, students are continually assessed to review progress and prepare students for their GCSE exams.

Sociology: In Year 9 students can opt for GCSE Sociology. Sociology covers six key themes, which include; Studying Society, Education, Families, Crime and Deviance, Mass Media, Power and Social inequality. Similarly to RE, all foundation learning is complete by the end of Year 10 allowing student’s time in Year 11 to develop revision techniques.

Health and Social Care: Students in Year 9 can opt for Level 2 Health and Social Care. This course is based on course work as well external exams and covers; care values, communication skills, human growth and development, nutrition and health or possibly first aid.

Advanced Level (AS and A2): We offer Psychology, Sociology and Health and Social Care.

Please see the published year guides for further more specific details on our curriculum and assessment processes.

Outside of the Classroom 

We have a variety of visitors who help deliver the PSHCE curriculum, including health professionals and drugs education officers. We have close links with Buttershaw Baptist church and for the last two years running we have ran a ‘beliefs’ week in which visitors have come into school to run work-shops and extra-curricular activities. In Psychology visits have included a trip to Chester Zoo and a prison tour.

Department Staff

  • Ms E Norfolk (Curriculum Leader RE/PSHCE/Sociology/Psychology/Health and Social Care)
  • Ms N Coulshed (Lead in Sociology)
  • Ms G Coll (Teacher of RE/Sociology)
  • Ms L Shaw (Teacher of RE)


Ms E Norfolk
Curriculum Leader