Modern Foreign Languages

Department Profile

  • The Modern Foreign language department consists of five full-time members of staff.
  • We aim to develop resilience, confidence, team work and cultural awareness via speaking, reading, listening and writing.
  • As teachers, we are driven and we want to offer our students the opportunity to discover other cultures and also ensure our students are enjoying their learning and are making outstanding progress throughout the years.

Curriculum Overview

  • We offer French and Spanish at BBEC. 50% of students study French, and the other 50% study Spanish.
  • Students will be learning the same language all the way up to Year 9, and some students then continue to study their language at GCSE.
  • Pupils are placed into sets and all pupils are assessed regularly to monitor their progress and make sure our students are catered for accordingly.
  • In the department, we use a variety of resources to make lessons accessible, engaging and challenging.

Outside of the Classroom 

  • The department organises trips to France and Spain each year for a memorable experience that will enhance their studies.
  • We also encourage reading for pleasure and have a selection of books in the target language.

Department Staff

  • Mr D Simpson, Achievement Leader of MFL
  • Miss D Kaur, Progress Leader
  • Miss M Cocquet, Teacher of French
  • Mr L Mincher, Teacher of French
  • Miss R David, Teacher of Spanish


Mr D Simpson
Achievement Leader of MFL