The MFL curriculum at BBEC intends to:

  • instil in our students a passion for learning languages and discovering other cultures.
  • develop students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in the target language, thus allowing them to be able to communicate effectively.
  • challenge students through the explicit teaching of phonological, grammatical and syntactical knowledge of the target language.
  • foster learners who are academically ambitious and strive to improve their communication in a foreign language.
  • promote resilience at all times in students’ approaches to learning a new language and facing new challenges.
  • provide students with a cultural awareness of Hispanic and Francophone communities, allowing students to recognise and celebrate the diverse nature of the world. As a result, students will appreciate the importance of showing courtesy and kindness to all people at all times.
  • create engaging activities and resources that allow students to express themselves in relevant and relatable contexts, including opportunities to speak the language in a variety of practical scenarios.
  • encourage students to explore the world around them by discussing the infinite opportunities that learning languages can provide, not only academically but also socially and professionally.