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Yr 11 Spanish Learn Sheets Oct 23

Yr 11 French Learn Sheets Oct 23


Students at BBEC will be successful and passionate language learners. They will be able to communicate effectively in Spanish/French and will have an enriched knowledge about the culture of Hispanic and Francophone communities. 

Through our MFL curriculum we intend to:

  • Instil in our students a passion for learning languages and discovering other cultures
  • Develop students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in the target language, thus allowing them to be able to communicate effectively
  • Challenge students through the explicit teaching of phonological, grammatical and syntactical knowledge of the target language
  • Create engaging activities and resources that allow students to express themselves in relevant and relatable contexts, including opportunities to speak the language in a variety of practical scenarios
  • Encourage students to explore the world around them by discussing the infinite opportunities that learning languages can provide, not only academically but also socially and professionally

Key strengths of the MFL curriculum:

  • Full National Curriculum coverage.
  • All MFL students, regardless of their GCSE pathway, will be able to successfully communicate in the target language for a variety of different purposes by the end of year 9 and beyond.
  • It challenges and supports a range of different learners, ensuring everyone can be successful in the MFL classroom.
  • The spiral nature of the curriculum ensures that vocabulary and grammar points are constantly recapped and consolidated, promoting retention in long-term memory and allowing students to communicate with greater proficiency.
  • It has been designed with BBEC students in mind; we incorporate a range of relatable topics and engaging activities into lessons to make language learning more fun, accessible and meaningful.
  • Our MFL teachers are passionate about learning languages and strive to impart this passion onto our students.
  • We provide students with copious opportunities to enrich their knowledge of Hispanic and Francophone cultures, both inside and outside the classroom. Our students are exposed to a variety of authentic experiences related to film, music, literature, cuisine and more. This will also include opportunities for students to use their linguistic knowledge in a Francophone or Hispanic setting through various trips, including a trip abroad, regardless of economic background.
  • Our curriculum is explicitly planned to ensure all protected characteristics are represented and we overtly challenge cultural stereotypes and misconceptions.

ARCK Values in MFL:

AMBITION in MFL means….

  • Being academically ambitious and striving to improve all four areas of MFL and communication in a foreign language.
  • Striving for precise pronunciation learning the phonological patterns of each language.
  • Using increasingly complex grammatical structures in speaking and writing rather than opting for the simplest way.


  • Approaching language learning with enthusiasm and being ready and willing to overcome the challenges that language learning entails.
  • Engaging in conversational French/Spanish and learning from misunderstandings and mis-pronunciations: not giving up!


  • Having a cultural awareness of Hispanic and Francophone communities, recognising and celebrating the diverse nature of the world.
  • Appreciating the importance of showing courtesy and kindness to all people at all times.