Department Profile

The Maths Department consists of  enthusiastic and dedicated members of staff, who share a love of mathematics. We work closely with the teaching and learning team to pass on that excitement and passion for the subject to our students.

We aim to develop the numeracy and mathematical competence of our students through the teaching of number skills, algebraic skills, data analysis skills and knowledge of shape, space and measure. We aim to provide challenge to all pupils, at all levels, to raise achievement.

Curriculum Overview

As soon as a pupil enters the maths department in year 7, they are on a pathway to the GCSE exam in year 11. Everything we do is aimed to prepare students for this, both through developing the skills they need, as well as the confidence they need, to succeed. We aim to incorporate variety into our lessons, to promote the learning and enjoyment of mathematics and problem solving.

From year 7 through to year 11, pupils are placed in sets according to ability. These sets are based on performance in KS2, as well as throughout their years here. Movement between sets is possible, and all pupils are assessed regularly to enable this to occur.

We offer mathematics at A Level. In year 12, pupils sit 2 modules of core mathematics, and one of statistics. In year 13, there are 2 more modules of core mathematics, and one of mechanics.

Please see the published year guides for further more specific details on our curriculum and assessment processes.

Outside of the Classroom

We regularly have competitions in the maths department, including treasure hunts around the school, and competitions over who can memorise the most digits of pi.

We run sessions before and after school most days in order to assist those pupils struggling in maths. These are usually targeted at key pupils, though all are welcome to attend.

Last year we ran a very successful maths trip to Disneyland Paris, looking at the maths in Paris and at the park. This also involved a day in school in fancy dress as Disney characters! We are hoping to run similar trips in the coming years.

 Department Staff

  • Mr L Mazacs – Achievement Leader
  • Mr P Sowden – Progress Leader for Year 11
  • Mr S Hume – Progress Leader for Year 10
  • Miss L Mitchell -Teacher of Maths
  • Ms R Hartley – Headteacher
  • Mr R Humphreys – Associate Headteacher
  • Miss M White – Head of Year
  • Mr P McDougall – Specialist Teaching Assistant – Numeracy
  • Miss E Halstead – Teacher of Maths
  • Mr J Gelston – Teacher of Maths


Mr L Mazacs
Achievement Leader