The maths curriculum at BBEC intends to:

  • develop a deep understanding of mathematical concepts
  • enable students to become deep thinkers who can competently and confidently problem solve and reason
  • provide opportunities for students to develop their oracy in order to be able to articulate reasoning and problem solving through explicit teaching of mathematical vocabulary and its origins
  • give students an appreciation of the importance of maths within the real world by putting maths into contexts relevant to all students who make up the BBEC community
  • ensure students have a buzz for maths so that they learn through a love for the subject
  • develop an appreciation of the roots of certain mathematical concepts and the history of mathematics to appreciate the roles of different cultures and communities on modern mathematics
  • ensure students are resilient learners with the ability to persevere through challenges
  • foster a learning environment built of respect of one another where students are courteous and kind to each other and students are encouraged to ask questions and to develop a curiosity for the subject, which motivates them to develop their learning further outside the classroom
  • foster an environment which is inclusive and representative of all students we serve within the BBEC community