Famous politicians, statesmen, lawyers and journalists often have one thing in common; they started their careers learning and loving history at school. Their ability to develop arguments, sort through large volumes of evidence to form a judgement or present a case were based on skills started at school. We encourage our students to be ambitious in developing these skills right from Year 7 through to Year 11. We make sure that students make progress in their extended writing, learning key vocabulary and confidently using and understanding sources. We challenge our students to be resilient and to push themselves academically. However, we also adapt our teaching to allow students of all abilities to make progress and feel confident in the subject. The skills the students develop in the lower years are transferable to the later years meaning that when choosing their options in Year 9, students are confident they can achieve in the subject.

History is a popular subject at Buttershaw as demonstrated by our growing department. Our six history staff work closely with geography teachers as part of the humanities department. Together, our team work to develop cross curricular skills between the subjects such as the analysis of evidence or interpreting important data to form decisions. Many students choose to continue history as an option in Key Stage 4 where they achieve strong results as well as extending and developing their understanding of a wide range of interesting topics.

What do our students think?

“History is one of my favourite lessons, I particularly enjoyed ‘medicine through time’ because I learned about weird ideas medieval people had about the human body. I chose history because the topics interested me and I wanted to learn more. I’m going to continue history at A-level because my history teachers at BBEC made the course very enjoyable to learn about and I’d like to learn about more topics. “ Isabella, Year 11

“The thing I like most about the history GCSE course is the variety of topics we get to learn about. My favourite topic was the medicine topic as we got to watch short videos that included humour so they were interesting to watch but you also learned easily at the same time. I especially enjoy history at BBEC mainly because of the teachers. They are all very supportive, put no pressure on us and stop at nothing to make sure we understand the topic. They do this by giving after school sessions to ensure we get the best grade we can possibly get.” Poppy, Year 11

“History allows you to learn about how the world works and the certain mistakes that were made in society that help to shape the world today. Personally, I found learning about the wars interesting because of the impact it left on everyone involved in the world and the impact it still leaves today on the world. The teachers at BBEC help to keep history fresh and engaging making it always fun and interesting to learn.” Bryony, Year 11


Year 7  –  Age of Empire. Pupils learn about the history of migration to and from Britain starting with the Romans in AD43 right through to the Windrush scandal of 2018.

Year 8 – Age of People and Protest. Pupils learn about the history of popular protest tracking the development of people’s civil rights from the feudal system of 1066 through to workers’ rights in the 20th century.

Year 9 – Age of Extremes. Pupils look at 20th century case studies from across the political spectrum, focussing on the events and impact of the rise of the right wing in Italy through Mussolini’s fascist dictatorship and the left wing in Russia’s communist revolution.

GCSE History – Pupils follow the AQA Specification. Units studied include:

  • Germany, 1890–1945: Democracy and Dictatorship
  • Conflict and tension: The First World War, 1894–1918
  • Health and the People: c1000 to the present day
  • Elizabethan England: c1568–1603


  • Miss L Evans – Head of Humanities
  • Miss S North – History Progress leader
  • Mr A Ingham – Teacher of History and Assistant Headteacher (Behaviour and Attitudes)
  • Miss R Arbuckle – Teacher of History and Tutorial Programme Leader
  • Mr A Mayat – Teacher of History and Assistant Head of Year 8
  • Miss J Olorunda – Teacher of History