Department Profile

History is a small department in the school with only three members of staff all full time. The department works closely with Geography in years 7 and 8 to show the cross curricular skills between the subjects. History is a popular option at Key stage 4 and key stage 5 especially now the Baccalaureate is suggested for students when choosing their options.

We aim to develop student’s skills in many different areas allowing them to develop the skills between years 7- 11. We make sure students make progress in their extended writing and the use and understanding of sources, adapting our teaching to allow students of all abilities to make progress and feel confident in the subject. The skills the students develop in the lower years are transferable to the later years meaning that when choosing their options at the end of year 8 students are confident they can achieve in the subject.

Curriculum Overview

We teach years 7 and 8 in mixed ability groups as there is no Key stage 2 data to set the groups by as History is not tested at this level. All the lessons in years 7 and 8 have a good range of activities and different ways of assessing the students allowing all students to make progress and develop their skills linked to the overall skills that are needed in History in the later years. We set homework linked to the different lessons and have set up homework takeaway (allowing students to choose which homework they complete) for year 8 students which has been successful and will now be introduced to the year 7 curriculum.

In years 9-11 students might select History as one of their option subjects. Dependent on numbers the classes may be set and all students will be pushed to meet their 4 levels of progress. We try to be consistent with the teacher of each of the groups to follow them through from year 9 to year 11 unless a move of sets needs to happen due to an individual student circumstance or indeed if a teacher leaves the school.

Advanced level (AS and A2) – all three teachers complete lessons based around their areas of expertise in order to allow students to get the highest quality of teaching possible.

Please see the published year guides to the right of this page for further more specific details on our curriculum and assessment process.

Outside of the Classroom 

In year 10 during BBEC week history pupils are given the opportunity to visit the Thackray museum which is linked to an area studied at GCSE. The students in Key Stage 5 visit Leeds University library to give them the opportunity to broaden their research when completing their controlled assessment which also helps students to aim higher and get the opportunity to experience university life. There are also opportunities for the year 12 and 13 students to experience lectures by experts in the field they study during their A-Level course. This has recently included the current year 13 students experiencing a David Starkey lecture.

Department Staff

  • Miss L Evans – Head of Department
  • Mr A Ingham – Teacher of History and Director of group achievement
  • Miss R Arbuckle – Teacher of History and Tutorial programme leader


All questions can be emailed to Miss Evans at lev@buttershaw.net and will be forwarded to the relevant member of staff for them to contact you personally or pass information to me regarding the query.