The English curriculum at BBEC intends to:

  • ensure that all students become confident and courteous communicators, therefore limiting any barriers to their future, enabling them to thrive in the real world and ensuring equal opportunities for all
  • deliver excellent outcomes through developing genuine enthusiasm, understanding and appreciation of the English language, specifically through the acquisition and application of ambitious new vocabulary
  • build resilience and deepen students’ knowledge by engaging with the highest quality of literature, by a diverse range of authors, that will inspire, challenge and motivate them
  • use the study of a diverse range of literature to explore and develop students’ ability to empathise, to demonstrate kindness and to celebrate our differences
  • actively promote diversity and inclusion by modelling compassionate and courteous communication and through the development of their moral, intellectual and creative development
  • encourage all students to let their imagination, personality and ambition shine through in their writing
  • actively encourage resilience, creative development and independence in students by using a range of exciting stimuli, including books, film clips, visitors, real-life experiences and home learning to teach students about the nuances of the English language
  • to foster ambition in all BBEC students, by improving their cultural capital through experiences such as texts in performance, writing workshops, guest speakers and visits
  • develop social and cultural awareness by exploring current affairs (local, global and national) through non-fiction texts and contemporary poetry