The ICT and Business Department consists of three full-time members of staff . Being a number of separate subjects within the one department, strong links have been forged whilst staff and pupils use the resources within both subject areas on a regular basis.

We aim to develop the ICT and Business skills of all pupils through our professionally written schemes of work, which constitute; Computing, ICT, Business, Enterprise and Travel & Tourism. As teachers in this department, we aim to provide abundant opportunity for each pupil to use their ICT and Business skills under conditions most conducive to improvement, thus raising achievement at all levels.


We teach Year 7 -9 in mixed-ability groups. The range of activities, skills and understanding which is required of pupils in ICT lessons is of such a range that it would be unrealistic to assume a generalised level of ability across them all. Mindful of this, we use a variety of teaching strategies to cater for all ability levels in a group. Getting the best out of everyone means giving everyone a wide range of tasks, together with experience and stimulus for all kinds of computing and business.

GCSE: In ICT we offer pupils the chance to study a BTEC Tech Award in Digital Information Technology.  In Business we offer both GCSE in Business Studies (Edexcel) and a BTEC TECH Award in Enterprise. In Travel & Tourism we off the BTEC First Award.

Please see the published year guides to the right of this page for further more specific details on our curriculum and assessment processes.


The Department organises trips outside school where students will explore ICT and Business outside of the classroom.

Pupils are also encouraged to make use of the ICT facilities within the department after school for any school related purpose.


  • Ms E Chinnery (Head Of ICT and Business)
  • Ms S Sears (Teacher of ICT and Travel & Tourism)
  • Mr A Mason (Teacher of ICT, Enterprise and Remote Teaching & Learning leader)
  • Ms L Harland (Progress Support Leader)


Ms E Chinnery