At BBEC we aim to provide an insight into the sport’s industry and examine how to encourage, develop and improve performance. We aim to develop knowledge and understanding of fitness and how to programme fitness training.

Through our BTEC Sport curriculum we intend to: 

  • explore types and provision of sport and physical activity for different, groups of people: children, adults and those with physical disabilities
  • examine equipment and technology required for participants to use when taking part in sport and physical activity
  • teach students to be able to prepare participants to take part in a range of physical activity including warmups physical activity
  • help students to understand how different components of fitness are used in different physical activities
  • provide opportunities to participate in sport and understand the roles and responsibilities of officials
  • teach the skills to enable students to demonstrate ways to improve participants’ sporting performance including technical skills and techniques
  • explore the importance of fitness for sports performance
  • investigate fitness testing to determine fitness levels
  • investigate different fitness training methods
  • investigate fitness programming to improve fitness and sports performance.

Key strengths of the BTEC curriculum: 

  • carefully planned lessons designed to help students to meet assessment criteria
  • curriculum design is supported by accredited BTEC Assessors working within the department
  • use of teaching materials and stimulus that represent all in the world of sports
  • a chance to develop practical skills alongside theoretical knowledge
  • leadership opportunities throughout the course

ARCK values in BTEC Sport: 

AMBITION in BTEC Sport means…. 

  • Making every effort to produce the best work at all times.
  • Accepting new information and acting upon advice to improve work.
  • Approaching each lesson with an open mind and a determination to develop knowledge, understanding and skills.

RESILIENCE in BTEC Sport means…. 

  • Coming back for another attempt when the first time hasn’t gone as well as intended
  • Asking the right questions to enable to get past difficult situations.
  • Continuing to work hard even when a new concept is difficult to grasp.

COURTESY and KINDNESS in physical education means… 

  • Helping everybody to develop their skills, whatever their ability, previous experience or background.
  • Respecting each other when leading or being led.
  • Being able to evaluate your own and others’ performances, effort and contribution in a sincere and productive way.
  • Allowing the lessons to progress by following rules and being fully engaged in what is being taught.