At BBEC, we believe that good attendance is central to a students’ academic achievement and personal development.  Put simply, if a student is not at school, they cannot take advantage of the excellent opportunities that are available each day.

By providing a vibrant learning environment, consistently good teaching and learning and an exciting range of extra-curricular activities, we will encourage students to come to school every day.  However, we will also provide the support and challenge needed to help students overcome the difficulties in their lives which lead to poor attendance.

Whilst it is the parent or carer’s responsibility to ensure that their children are present at school, all adults in the school who work directly with the students take a responsibility for good attendance.

The minimum expected attendance for students is 97%.

Role of the Student: 

  • Arrive promptly at school by 8.25am
  • Report to form period and all lessons on time as shown in student planners.
  • Sign out at student reception if permission is given to leave the school site during the day.
  • Bring a note from parents/carers on return after any absence (note must go to student reception), unless the absence has been explained by a telephone call or other prior advice.

Parental/carer role  

  • Every parent / carer has a legal responsibility to ensure that their child is in school unless there is a genuine reason for absence.
  • Ensure that all student absence is explained by telephone call or letter.
  • Under the Education Act 1996 a parent may be prosecuted if they fail to ensure their child attends regularly.
  • A penalty notice can and will be issued in cases of unauthorised absence.
  • For applications for absence under exceptional circumstances please ask the school for a ‘leave of absence’ form
Buttershaw Attendance Team:
  • Mrs M Hoddy – Attendance Co-ordinator
  • Mr N Clarke – Attendance and Welfare Officer
  • Ms N Winder – Assistant Head of Year 7
  • Ms B Cawood – Assistant Assistant Head of Year 8
  • Ms L Mellor / Mr D Pollard – Assistant Head of Year 9
  • Ms A Ahmed- Assistant Head of f Year 10
  • Ms K Sweeney – Senior Deputy Headteacher overseeing Attendance
We want to work together with you and your family, to improve children’s attendance.
Attendance during one school year  Equals days absent  Which is approximately weeks absent  Which means the number of lessons missed approx  Absences over 5 years 
97% 5 days 1 week 30 lessons 1 Month 1 week
95% 9 Days 2 Weeks 60 Lessons ¼ Year
90% 19 Days 4 Weeks 120 lessons ½ Year
80% 38 Days 8 Weeks 240 Lessons 1 Year
70% 57 Days 11 ½ Weeks 399 Lessons 1 ¼ Year
60% 80 Days 16 Weeks 550 Lessons 2 Years
Please see below links to Bradford Council pages on school attendance.