Welcome to the STEM Academy

The STEM Academy is the newest of BBEC’s Academies and our mission statement is to “Provide all students with enjoyable and engaging STEM experiences.”

The core aims of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Academy are to:

  • Develop in Academy Members the wisdom, courage and ambition to pursue STEM educational and career pathways and, notably, supporting transitions onto our own Year 9 pathway at the STEM subjects at A-level
  • Provide rich experiences that develop student’s technical and technological skills, personal qualities for employability and deliver valuable STEM qualifications
  • Represent BBEC in a highly positive way, with students being proud of their Academy, enjoying successes in regional and national STEM competitions and enhancing their academic progress across wider STEM subjects.


The STEM Academy is led by Mr. A. Hussain , the STEM Academy Director. The STEM Academy meets every Thursday between 3.00pm and 4.30pm on the science corridor and is open to all students from BBEC. There are projects underway at the moment around the LEGO robotics, Raspberry Pi’s, engineering and renewable energy, education and a team of students produce our own STEM Academy magazine – which is issued every term.

In 2012-2013 we achieved a first of 113 students achieving CREST Bronze Awards  – a Nationally recognised qualification in STEM from the British Science Association. We hope to achieve a similar number in 2013-2014 and have already won competitions for the LEGO Mindstorms programming component in the regional LEGO League finals and the k’nex engineering challenge. As we progress towards summer 2014 we have teams competing in the Big Bang Fair (June 2014) and are hosting our own exciting “Life on Mars” competition for Year 6 primary pupils from the FLP.

In 2015 we are also planning a trip to London and hope to forge even closer links with the Educational Partner, Bradford University. The University of Bradford have been instrumental in our progress and successes and we thank James Machell and his STEM Ambassadors for their ongoing support.


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