Academy:  STEM academy
Leader:  Abdul M Hussain
Your profile I am the Director of the STEM academy and here at BBEC we want to be able to provide opportunities for our students so they would aspire to choose careers in the STEM subjects. We want to be able to create an understanding for our students in the STEM related subjects so not only would it open doors for career options but so they enable them to become active citizens in an increasing technological society.

Other than running the STEM academy I am also a teacher of science and now teach DEC on a weekly basis too. I am a strong believer in hard work, dedication and commitment. I have a passion for science and have in the past been a link tutor working with a primary school where the focus was to build bridges between primary and secondary in terms of science and engineering.

I am a huge detective comics fan with the man of tomorrow being my favourite superhero. I have a passion for various sports with Alessandro del piero being my favourite footballer of all time. I also enjoy cycling.

Weekly provisions STEM academy – project work/ stem challenges/ science required practical’s- Thursdays 3.00 – 4.00 pm
Lego league – TBC
Maths challenge – TBC
Successes BBEC won the BDAT science competition for KS4

BBEC performed brilliantly at the annual Lego league achieving a top five overall in all the competing schools

We provided STEM provision for all of year 7’s building pinwheels using card and straws

BBEC performed really well at the annual Salters chemistry competition

BBEC students went to Insomnia as a STEM academy rewards trip in April