Welcome to the Sports Academy!

What is our Ethos?

The Sports Academy hopes to develop the skills and experiences of all aspiring young athletes and sports people whether you are looking to become a professional or find a job within the sports industry.

Expectations for entering the Sports Academy are that you regularly attend school clubs, particularly in your area of expertise, represent the school and play to a high level of sport outside of school hours.

What are some of the activities for 2014 and 2015?

For any information on anything regarding the Sports Academy then please see your PE teacher who will be able to help you, with Mr Hillam being the key contact for any specific questions.

There is a timetable for all extra-curricular PE activities in classrooms around the whole school which changes every term to cater for all interests and needs. Add to this specialist coaches giving one off or short term sessions on other sports, there is no excuse for members of the Academy to be missing out.

Some of our successes from 2014

Last brought more sporting success to BBEC, with both boys and girls teams winning many competitions.

The year 8 boys football team, managed by Mr Ward becoming Bradford champions. They won every single league game scoring an average of over 4 goals per game along the way to the final where they met Hanson. A tight final was anticipated, but never arrived as BBEC won the game 12-0! An outstanding performance to round off an outstanding year! Ryan Clay, from this team, has played a whole season with Bradford School Boys, scoring 7 goals during their season.

The year 9 team also become Bradford champions for the third year in a row after Mr Barlow coached them to a victory over Carlton Bolling in the final of their competition, led by captain Daniel Oldcorn and Joe Walsh scoring a hat-trick in the final. Joel Mortimer has broken into the team this year and made a big difference with his athleticism.

The Year 10 Girls rounders team have won the South Bradford league for the fourth year in a row as they won all of their games. They have now won 29 out of 29 games over the course of the four years in the South Bradford competition.