Welcome to the Performing Arts Academy

Performing Arts comprises dance, drama and music, and is offered in various forms to students of all ages, both as part of the school curriculum and in additional voluntary extra-curricular activities. Our aim is to encourage all students to develop confidence in presenting and expressing themselves through a variety of performance media. Teamwork and co-operation are emphasised as key factors underpinning learning, and both creativity and self-discipline are promoted in lessons.

All students learn Music and Drama in Key Stage 3, by the end of which they should be familiar with key technical vocabulary and concepts from the Performing Arts, and be able to create, perform and analyse pieces of drama and music in a variety of styles and genres.

At Key Stage 4, students may opt for a Drama / Dance-based Performing Arts course, or a practical Music course. Performing Arts is also offered at Key Stage 5.

Students with particular interest and/or talent in the Performing Arts are encouraged to apply for membership of the BBEC Performing Arts Academy, which entitles them to additional extra-curricular activities and clubs.

Other extra-curricular opportunities open to all students include:

  • Rock Challenge (national award-winning dance/drama troupe)
  • Instrumental lessons (tuition on orchestral and ‘pop’ instruments available)
  • Whole-school musical theatre productions
  • Variety concerts
  • School Choir
  • Singing Lessons

Our suite of music practice rooms and state-of-the-art recording studio are in high demand, and are often used by groups of students or individuals to rehearse performances or create new music.

Performing Arts staff are:

  • Ms. K. Holdsworth (Director of Performing Arts Academy; Dance/Drama instructor)
  • Mr. R. Horsfall (Head of Performing Arts)
  • Mr. D Zdanowicz (Performing Arts Technician)