The Academy leaders are:

Enterprise: Mrs Pattison (ICT/Business)

Stem: Dr Timothy Gabriel (STEM Academy Director)

Art and Design: Ms Pine and Mrs Sweeting (Technology B1.01)

University: Mrs Johnson (Geography)

Performing Arts: Mrs Holdsworth (PE Staffroom)

Sports: Mr Hillam (PE)


All academies wear their own Academy wear on Fridays, making them highly distinctive and recognisable to other students, staff and visitors.

How do I apply for an Academy?

All students at BBEC are eligible to apply for a place in one of these academies with the formal application process involving the completion of an application form and some Academies, making a video to support the application, then an interview and, if successful and a probationary period before gaining full membership into the Academy.

What are the expectations of Academy students?

All students already in existing Academies and for those applying for Academy places are expected to achieve high standards in all aspects of school life, though specifically in academic progress and stars. Also, they are expected to support whole-school events, specifically open days and evenings, BBEC days and Primary Transition events. Where students fail to meet expectations there is a formal process that in rare cases leads to removal from an Academy.

Regular attendance at Academy events is require and registers are taken for recording and monitoring purposes. High attendance reflects a student’s attitude and commitment to the Academy and enables them to qualify for end-of-year rewards.

Why join an Academy?

All Academies provide students with a rich and exciting programme of provisions dedicated to their specific areas of interest and also aims to develop the student’s skills, aspirations and leadership qualities. This enables them to gain the experience, qualities and values essential to future success, further education and employment. All Academy leaders have their own webpage on this site that provides more details on their individual ethos, focus and programmes of provisions.

All students will also qualify for Bronze, Silver and Gold rewards which are based on their attendance at Academy and BBEC events, their overall contribution to their academy and overall performance across school measures of academic progress, attendance and rewards. For 2015 we are currently discussing in the Academy Student’s Forum the detail of the rewards programme for Gold students.

What is the Academy Student’s Forum?

This forum consists of two representatives from each academy, currently:

  • Enterprise Academy (Aidan Greasley and Jordan Williams)
  • Sports Academy (Lucas Keenan and Colm Rafferty)
  • Art and Design Academy (tbc)
  • University (Jodies Mathers and James Thomson)
  • STEM (Harry Clough and Amber Soloman)


The next meeting is [Enter up to date], with the final meeting [Enter up to date].

These students are important points of contact for all academy students to voice their ideas and opinions and help to continually improve Academy provisions.

How do the Academies communicate with members?

Students have weekly provisions provided by their Academy leaders which are key communication points, so attendance at all these sessions is very important.

Students can also use twitter to follow @BBECAcademies and receive regular tweets about events,activities, competitions and successes.

Finally there are also termly Academy assemblies where all students assemble and receive important updates.

How do I get further information?


  • Existing academy members;
  • Academy Student’s Forumrepresentatives;
  • Academy leaders;
  • Mr Ryan:


As the leader of the academies at BBEC I am pleased to answer any questions and would welcome any feedback on these pages or our current academy provisions.


Mr. J. Ryan

Assistant Headteacher