Academies Leadership

BBEC is unique in having five internal Academies, each of which provides opportunities for students to nurture talents and skills, raise career aspirations and improve leadership skills. At the end of 2018 there were over 170 students in these Academies, a number which will exceed 250 following the recruitment programme in October 2018.

Academies are overseen by Mr. Joe Ryan (Assistant Headteacher – Student Experience):




I have had a long association with the Academies, being the original founder of the STEM Academy around 5 years ago. I have also started the highly successful Design, Engineer and Construct course at BBEC which has made great links not just with STEM but also the Enterprise Academy. Outside of school I am a coach with Salts Football Club and have done this for about 8 years now and enjoy running, having competed in the Great North Run last year. I have a strong empathy with Sports and have also encourage my own son to become a qualified FA Junior Referee.  I am driven to see all our students benefit from the Academies and make impacts not just at BBEC but on a much wider stage, even conquering the world!

These are our wonderful Academy Directors:

Art and Design Academy

Led by Mrs. Stacy Rhys-Hill  (Sixth Form)


Enterprise Academy

Led by Mrs. Sarah Jane-Patterson (ICT and Business)


Performing Arts Academy

Led by Ms. Kay Holdsworth (Performing Arts)

STEM Academy

Led by Mr. Abdul Hussain (Science)

Sports Academy

Led by Mr. Joe Ugarte (Sports/PE)

Joining an Academy

Academies provide students with opportunities to pursue their passions for these different areas of the curriculum and further develop and refine their aptitudes and skills. Our Academy leaders provide a regular programme of activities and opportunities to contribute to wider BBEC and BDAT events and competitions. There is also a high profile placed upon the development of leadership skills and the enhancing of career aspirations.

All students from Year 8 to Year 10 are given an application form to join one of our Academies. This form may also be downloaded here from this link.

The deadline for applications being handed in to student reception is the middle of October and before half-term. Academy interviews and selection will then take place from the middle of November.  We also provide a structured system to support any students challenged by the application process and interviews and this is identified through the last section on the application form.

All students who are successful in their application then start accessing Academy provisions, more about which can be found on the Academy pages. All new students undertake a probationary period to ensure they are meeting expectations around attendance at Academy and engagement with Academy provisions.  All Academy students are expected to maintain the highest standards of excellence in all aspects of school life and there are procedures and sanctions for students not meeting these expectations.

All students who successfully complete their probationary period at welcomes into the Academy at the formal Academy Launch Evening which takes place in spring. Parents and Families are invited to this event, students here also receive their Academy Wear.

Only students in Year 8 -13 may apply to join an Academy. For our new Year 7 students we provide an alternative provision, delivering a programme of events and activities provided by our Academy students, as “tasters” and to support the Year 7 University Passport programme.  This will allow us to identify students with the determination, talent, skill and character to be a part of an Academy in Year 8.

Academy Awards

All our students attend the Academy Awards event normally at the start of each new Academic year. Here they receive Bronze, Silver or Gold Awards for their contribution to Academy, BBEC and BDAT life throughout the year. These are the current criteria:


In 2018 these were the number of awards:

Academy Wear and Big Events!

Students receive Academy Wear when they join the Academy. This wear cannot now be worn during the normal school day, however, it is worn at every specific Academy Event. These events are numerous and also include our BBEC Open Evenings and transition Events and the, now famous, BDAT events. There are many local, regional and national competitions, as well as, rewards trips that provide more opportunities.

Academy wear can be ordered from this link:

This is the outline programme of main events for this year, where different Academy students are expected to be involved:


We have also begun a consultation with Academy students to help them become more recognisable around schools and would welcome your thoughts around modifications or embellishments to the current tie, jumper or possibly badges.

New Academy wear can now be ordered from the manufacturer through this link.

If you need more information about Academies please use the contact details at the top of this page.